While the origin of the chesterfield couch remains debatable, there is no doubt about its stylish outlook. While some argue that it hails from the 4th Earl of chesterfield, others posit that it is a term adopted in Canada at the turn of the century.

While the chesterfield was initially seen as a rich man’s piece, the trend is changing. Today, everyone wants to have the highly stylish piece in his/her homes. This post outlines four unique décor designs with modern chesterfield sofa.

Echo the buttons of the Winchester sofa

Echo the buttons of the Winchester sofa

One characteristic of the chesterfield sofa is the unique buttons on the padding all over the piece. You can create a sense of seamless continuity by introducing other buttoned furniture into the same room.

Consider going for a button or stool positioned in front of the sofa. If you are decorating an open-plan room, a few buttoned upholstered dining chairs will make the space very stylish.

The good thing with buttoned pieces is that you can match different furniture pieces even if they do not have the same colour. Here, it is a matter of getting creative and driving the thrill you want with the leather chesterfield.

Consider colour matching the sofa with the wall

Consider colour matching the sofa with the wall

If you want the living space to stand out, consider painting the wall behind the chesterfield with similar colours. It will help to extend the heaviness of the tan leather sofa into the entire room in a unique way.

To make the living space even more impressive and derive more attachment, consider using do-it-yourself (DIY) painting. Now that the sofa and the back wall have the same colour, it is advisable to vary other furniture in the room. For example, the table, chairs, and area rug should strike an impressive contrast.

Consider creating own gentleman’s club in your house

The gentleman’s club design remains a favourite for many people because of its opulence undertones. To achieve this impressive outlook, consider positioning the leather chesterfield sofa against a large curtain and add a coffee table in the front.

To give the room a classic touch, keep it tonal and try to stick to the autumn colours such as green and creams. Then, add some hunting lodge touches such as a chandelier and antler mirror.

Though the gentleman’s club outlook has already taken shape, there is one more thing you can do to style it up. Consider installing a sheepskin rug and throw a couple of rustic armchairs to give it a timeless look.

Consider going for the industrial outlook

Consider going for the industrial outlook

A chesterfield sofa UK is a unique choice if you live in an industrial loft. It will especially brilliant if you have an open-plan space because of the angles. To bring out this feel, consider the battered selections or the warm shades of brown, blue or green.

The focus is bringing out a rich industrial thrill right into the living room. Therefore, consider painted or bare floorboards or even suitcases as coffee tables. The industrial outlook with chesterfield style sofa can help to extend the workplace thrill right to your home especially for those who like working from home.

The chesterfield coach is a gem when installed in any space because associated ease of changing the themes. Whether you want to bring out that industrial outlook or gentleman’s club, the chesterfield piece will never disappoint.

Remember that when it comes to living space décor, the most important thing is the comfort and personal attachment. Even if you liked the design in a friend’s living space, do not simply replicate it back home. Ensure to enrich the modern sofa with creative additions to create a paradise at home.