The flooring trends for 2019 are spectacular. This year, we’re watching people get funky with tiles. Creative mosaics are popping up like artwork. Tile is also being used to create all kinds of optical illusions, including hardwood flooring.

Better than that, people are leaning on reclaimed wood. This is fantastic, given all its environmental benefits, but it’s also affordable and chic.

In fact, if you purchase wood from the Forest Stewardship Council, you’re looking at planks as reasonable as $7 per sq. ft. Turns out, being trendy doesn’t have to break the bank. Read on to learn more about these reclaimed options and more!


Let’s start with the bathroom. Now’s the time to get funky with your bathroom tile. Experiment with colorful mosaic patterns here. White mosaics, as well as black and white mosaics, are particularly on trend this year.

You can go with any shape or size. Herringbone is a list-topper while subway tiles continue to hold steady. You can extend this tile-loving fun from the floor, to the walls, and even into the shower area.

2.Wood-Look Tiles

If you’re head over heels for hardwood floors, you can continue your love affair all the way into the bathroom. There are plenty of options available for tiles that resemble wood.

These tiles tend to come in large planks, but you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to style and color. The biggest trends in this category are light grays and whites, along with other cool tones.

3.Oak Flooring

Oak Flooring
Oak is one of the most popular choices for hardwood flooring these days. The material is readily available and it ages well. Best of all, it responds graciously to stain. So, if in five years, you’d like to change the look of a room, all you have to do is sand and re-stain.

4.Reclaimed Wood

Nowadays, more people are trying to “go green” and live sustainable, healthy lifestyles. Why not extend that into our homes? Reclaimed wood is a popular option, and not because it’s “trendy” to be environmentally friendly. It looks great!

During your flooring installation, you’ll notice it creates a unique texture. Best of all, you’ll be able to rest easy at night, knowing you did your part to reuse good wood that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

5.Rapid-Lock Vinyl

Rapid-Lock Vinyl
Our last trend for 2019 is affordable, scratch-resistant, stain-proof, and waterproof. Rapid-lock vinyl is relatively easy on the installation process and it mimics hardwood flooring beautifully. Your color and style options here are endless and this is a great option for bathroom and kitchens, given the fact that it’s waterproof.

2019 Flooring Trends for Your Home

2019 Flooring Trends for Your Home
Any of these flooring trends could be lovely options for your home. Here at the Wow Decor, we love searching for new ways to find inspiration within the four walls of our homes.

If your focus is your bathroom, go beyond the tile installation and turn your bathroom into a personal spa. After you implement some of these tips, you’ll notice how excited you are to come home, turn on your faucet and dip into relaxing waters.