excess stacks of boxes, clothing, bric-a-brac and paperwork – and don’t want to wait until March to do something about it? Do you want to enjoy a clean, comfortable, efficient home during the winter? 

If so, this article offers a few simple tips to get you started. 

This Year, You May Need a Head Start

First, let’s detail the reason why you might need a head start this year. The past ten months have seen varying degrees of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown orders. Because of this, everyone’s spent more time indoors. With that added indoor time comes added mess: more dust, more clutter and more household item usage. To counteract the past ten months of added indoor time, you may need to start your spring cleaning in the winter. 

To help guide you, here are the three most important tasks that benefit from an early start. 

Declutter and Organize Your Home with Professional Help

Before you tackle anything else, you should tackle the clutter. Cleaning, organizing and maintaining household appliances is significantly easier in a clear home. 

It can be difficult – if not downright impossible – to tackle large amounts of clutter alone. That’s where the experts come in handy. 

Professional home organizers like NEATSPACES help you sort through the clutter, determining what to keep and what to dispose of, sell or donate. Then, they help you implement easy-to-follow organizational systems wherever you need them. If you want to focus on closet organization, home office organization or kitchen organization, let them know, and they will assist you through the process. 

Don’t wait until spring to turn over a new leaf. Transform your home and reclaim your living space this winter with the help of experts. 

Check Your Windows and Doors

It pays – quite literally – to check your home for possible inefficiencies during the winter. Windows and doors with cracked caulking or air leaks can wind up costing you a lot in added energy bill payments. 

It doesn’t make sense to wait until spring cleaning to fix an issue that directly applies to winter weather, so take some time soon to check your windows and doors. If need be, re-caulk around the frames using this simple guide

Do a Deep Dust

More time indoors means more dust. Because dust is comprised of over 50% dead skin cells, the more time you spend inside, the more dust you can expect to see. And too much of the stuff can cause health problems. 

While dusting occasionally can tackle the visible dust in a home, it doesn’t address the stuff accumulating in hard-to-reach spaces. Take an evening to do a “deep dust.” Move the fridge, pull out the couches and shift the bed. You may be surprised at the amount of dust accumulation you find. 

With these three key tasks taken care of, you can lighten your spring-cleaning load and enjoy a clearer, cleaner winter inside.