We miss all the goodness that summer brings about; these are the ice cream delight by the pool, balmy nights, and not forgetting the endless warm light. As a result, we have rounded up the three top trendy pool designs that will help you inspire the summer days. Designs that you could use either indoor, by your farmhouse or just as a cool spot by your backyard. So how about taking a small mental vacation and explore these new trendy pool designs you could explore.

Top three pool designs to consider

1. Get something customized

The swimming pool is the most important place of your home, especially as the summer season approaches. Therefore, it is important for your pool to smoothly blend with your home, or maybe the centerpiece of your property by cleverly integrating the indoor and the outdoor space. Consider a floating house illusion design. This can be done by bringing together the perimeter of your current home and the edge of the pool. With such a design, you can overlook the pool while in the house, maybe at your dining table sipping on your coffee. You have to agree this is a seamless oasis that has creatively tied your indoor with the outdoor living.

2. Get some health benefits from your pool.

Most homeowners in Australia are moving towards mineral pools; it is all thanks to all the benefits it can offer. It is environmentally friendly, saves you a few pennies; this is up to 80% of operational cost and offer benefits to your body. The pool is free of harsh chemicals that might be causing some skin reactions on sensitive skin, and it improves the look of your skin. Did we forget to mention it can relieve sore muscles? Think of this pool design as an expensive spa retreat at your backyard, doesn’t this sound exciting to take a dip in.

3. How about a plunge pool?

With the pandemic around, we have been spending most of our time at home; there is no travelling or going out for social activity. As a result, this calls for people to be a little creative on how to spend their time, and also new ways of putting in regular exercises. And this is where a plunge pool becomes the latest trend in most backyards. These pools are very easy to install; you could either have a freestanding option if you don’t want something in the ground. That means putting in your daily exercise does not require you to excavate your backyard. This is not all; it also a different appeal to your backyard.

These are the hot trends in the pool industry, and just to spice up your pool design, you can add some LED coloured lights to set the mood for those romantic balmy nights. And if you want it to look fancier, explore the idea of a waterfall, or some bubblers in your pool. You can easily personalize each of the above designs to your liking.