Before construction can begin, a site needs to be cleared. Click here for a guide on everything you should know about site clearing.

You’re not ready to start your build until you’ve cleared the build site. New construction can’t happen until you have a fresh, clean place to set your structure and begin the work.

Site clearing isn’t as easy as moving big things out of the way. You need a plan to clear and level your construction lot safely.

Stay safe and get the job done efficiently. Here’s our guide to get you through your next site clearing.

1. Size it Up

How much space do you need to clear? Are there trees or other heavy objects? Depending on the size of the lot and the amount of debris to clear, you might need help to clear and remove debris.
Size it Up
Be sure you clear plenty of space away from the area where you’ll start your building. If it’s a large space with large objects, consider a grab hire service to help the job run easier.

2. Check the Utilities

Before you start digging or cutting into anything to clear land to build a house, confirm the location of all utilities. You want to start strong, but hitting a gas line will kick your building project off with the wrong kind of bang.

Mark locations of underground gas and water lines. Make sure your equipment can maneuver around power lines and other structures and utilities that need to remain unharmed.

3. Save What You Can

When clearing land for a house, be conscious of taking down too many trees or other natural features around your lot. Can you save any surface soil or vegetation? If you can re-use any of the plant life, give it a temporary home out of the way.

Use your driveway to hold piles of soil until you’re ready to replace it on your lot. Transport plants or trees to a temporary location for care until they can return to your finished job site.

If you can’t save or relocate trees, consider mulching or giving the trees a new life as repurposed wood.

4. Watch Your Budget

Did you factor the cost of your site clearing into the total budget for your construction job? Site clearing can be a significant part of your overall construction project costs.
Watch Your Budget
The number of large trees, rocks, marking utilities, and the amount of undergrowth can increase the cost of your site clearing job. Permits to clear the lot can also add fees to your budget.

If you can safely do some of the removals yourself, you’ll save some money when clearing your job site. However, be sure you use professionals and the right tools and machines to stay safe and keep your construction site up to code.

Site Clearing Sets Your Site Up for Success!

Start your construction project off right. Follow a plan and use the right professionals to make the job easier and more efficient. Setting your building on a properly-cleared site is the best way to set yourself up for success.

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