In the past few years, shopping has gone digital. Right from shopping for tickets to shoes and jewelry, you can purchase everything online. But, when you talk about buy paintings online, people aren’t that comfortable.

Irrespective of the benefits you receive when buying art online, a lot of people hesitate to make a purchase or feel insecure about the authenticity of the painting.

Here are some tips which can help you buy paintings online with security:

Have a clear intent

Know your purpose, whether you are buying a painting to decorate your house or as an investment! It is important to know your objective as it will impact your decisions like budget, theme of the art, repute of the artist etc.

Use your space properly

Use your space properly
One of the biggest challenge of purchasing artwork online is to visualize its size, even after checking the dimensions. Measure the space with an inch tape to know the exact space the art will consume and the free space which you will have.

Secondly, keep the aesthetics of your house in mind. Conventional art can mix well with modern house, so it is important to consider the mood, color combination and aesthetic of the room before making a purchase and for that purpose you should go to and select wisely.

Draft a budget

The benefit of buying art online is that you have endless options to go through and you may be spoilt for choices. But, with a budget you can narrow down your options and avoid falling in love with an artwork which is unaffordable by you.

Research wisely

Research wisely
Research well for the kind of artwork you are looking for. If you have a budget limit, then invest in a limited edition work by master artists. It is very important to do right research and find out which form of art will suit your walls and navigate the choices well.

Verify the legitimacy of the gallery

It is difficult to trust someone you haven’t met. But there are a lot of ways to create your trust in the online world. Look out for the background and repute of the website. Make sure the website offers safe web presence but offering a lock sign just beside its URL. Find out if the payment mode uses a reliable payment gateway. Ensure that they provide you with an invoice for your painting. Check if they have a good and expanded social media presence.

Know the artist

A good work is revealed by the art. It is important to know about the journey of the artist, their background, and inspiration before buying their artwork. Learning will help you create a deeper connection with their art.

Be sure of what you are buying

Be sure of what you are buying
Appreciating art is a personal choice. Sometimes an extremely appreciated piece may not appeal to you. Hence, buy an art piece if it really appeals to you. Do not get pressurized by a big name. Art isn’t always about intellect or deep meanings. If an artwork appeals to you because it is beautiful, then it is fine!