Motorized roller shades near Orlando are not just a trend there are many advantages over the corded window treatments. When you have kids and pets at home, motorized shades are the best pick. But how much is the cost? They are not cheap but there are many factors that affect the cost of motorized shades and we are going to learn about them now.

  • The Motor – Motors costs vary depending on the power and the quality they provide. Some motors are more energy efficient, some are noisy etc. Motorized roller shades don’t use much power. You shouldn’t look for the cheapest one, look for the quality and the brand reputation.

The Motor

  • Type of shades and materials – the shades you choose depend on the purpose you want them to bring such as blackout shades, light filtering shades. The prices will vary accordingly. In any case, ask to see a sample before finalizing. You want to check the texture and how it fits with your décor.
  • Automation – Some motorized roller shades with basic remote control, others though have smart home options. High-end motorized roller shades Florida allow you to program the shades to open and close at certain timings every day. Automated shades add to the convenience but they do not come cheap.


  • Window Size –The bigger the size of the window, the more your shades will cost. Custom size window further add to the cost. To cover large windows with motorized shades, you might want a more powerful motor for smooth operation. All this will affect the cost more.
  • Installation costs – Along with the price of the motorized shades, you need to take into account installation costs. Most companies that offer motorized shades in Florida will provide installation services at an extra cost.

Do not try to save money by hiring a cheap service provider or doing it all by yourself. This way you can damage the shades or the motor. Call for expert service always.
Budget for Motorized shades

  • Budget for Motorized shades – So, there is no answer to how much motorized shades will cost. There are many factors that impact your cost of the shades, we’ve just discussed a few. The only way out is to get estimates from two to three reliable companies and then making a decision.

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