Looking to host the best BBQ gathering of the century? Okay, or even of the weekend? You can do so with the best camping grill. But with dozens of grills to choose from, you’re going to want to avoid the possibility of ending up with something that doesn’t do what it promises. After all, a camping grill is an outdoor tool and should be able to withstand wear-and-tear.

So here are some tips you can follow in selecting the camping grill for you and your family.

What You Should Look For

1. Cooking Surface

The size of your family or group of friends you usually go camping with should be reflected on the cooking surface of the grill of your choice. This means that if you have a large clan, opt for a large cooking surface, and vice versa.

Although based on other campers’ experiences, even smaller groups are better off with such cooking surface because you’ll be able to cook a number of items per batch. Unlike with the smaller type where you’ll have to wait for a set to be “done” before you can grill the next heap of meats and veggies.

So go large.

2. Easy Storage And Maintenance

Go for ones that are easy to store and set up. That way, you won’t waste too much time in doing so and can already get down to preparing the grill. At the same time, it should also be convenient to clean and maintain after.

When braving the outdoors, your attention should be in spending time with your family and being one with nature, rather than being too preoccupied about setting up and after, keeping the grill.

3. Portability

You’ve heard of the phrase “travel light-est”, or as light as possible without missing out on essentials. The same golden rule applies to camping-appliances. Turn your eyes towards the design of the grill itself. Its legs, body, and lid should be fashioned in such a way as to allow for efficient packing. And yes, that in spite of it being large (alluding to #1).

Something lightweight can also be considered here. Just make sure that its weight isn’t an exchange for a lower level of durability… which leads us to step 4.

4. Durability And Quality

Check on the materials used in manufacturing this camping equipment. You can simply look at the label on the box. Stainless steel is excellent for outdoor usage to avoid rusting and fading. Additionally, cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat. It can stay warm for longer. And you have enamel coating with is an ideal finish, a protective coating, if you will.

Read on other similar materials that make up quality grilling apparatuses.

5. Burner

Finally, we’re at number 5 and it’s all about the burner of the grill. Burners with BTUs (British Thermal Unit) from 6,000 and above are ideal. The higher the number of BTUs, the better. It simply connotes that the burner, and the grill, can reach that level of heat safely.

Likewise, others have something called infrared cooking systems. It’s a modern innovation on burners— gas warms the infrared component which then, spreads throughout the grill and the food you’re cooking. It’s good to note that infrared systems grill food items faster than the traditional gas-burner type.