Guide to Choosing the Best Curtains, Bed Sheets and Blankets

Most of the homeowners overlooked their curtains, sheets, and blankets. One must not forget these three essential pieces of fabric in your home. Why? It is because these can make a big difference in your home improvement projects.

Sure! You might think that choosing the best fabric might not be a big deal compared to renovating a kitchen or adding a new room. However, consider these sheets as toppings. It is a perfect finishing touch.

This article is your ultimate guide on how to choose the best curtains, bedsheets, and blankets. Plus, know more about weighted blankets, and it’s marvelous health benefits.
What is a Curtain

What is a Curtain?

To know more about it, let us define the terms first. Curtains are a piece of cloth that helps block the light or water. If you’re using it in your window, it will help dim the light in your room. On the other hand, if you’re using it in your bathroom, it can block water from the mess. A curtain is also a portable drape in theater dramas. It works as a backdrop for the presenters.

So what is the difference between drapes and curtains? It’s the same thing because it covers the window. The difference is based on its texture. If you want lighter and thin fabric, then go for curtains. But if you want something that can block out light, drapes are perfect.

How to Choose the Best Curtain

Choosing the color and the curtain’s fabric is crucial. Fabric is essential in choosing the best curtain because it tells you how durable the sheet is. Is the textile practical and can keep up for ages? Ask yourself. Too heavy fabrics are hard to fold. Light materials, on the other hand, may not drop entirely.

Another thing is the color of your curtain matters. Did you know that sunlight can fade fabrics? So if you’re renovating a room that gets a lot of light, go for dark colors. Bright colors absorb sunlight and tend to fade faster than darkish hues.

You need to measure the length of your window. Don’t know how to measure your window? Grab your measuring tape and start measuring from the top of your window down to the floor. Remember to add a couple of inches so you can hang your curtain flawlessly. Allow the bottom of the curtain to touch the ground if you desire a traditional look. Want a modern look? Let the panel fall flush.

Always keep your curtains clean. Windows are full of dust. You need to clean your blinds or jealousy, and also your curtains. Now the question is, how can you wash these heavy curtains? If you have a washing machine, ask for washing-machine friendly curtains. You can buy a dry-clean curtains if you want. Knowing how to clean your curtains will save you money and time. Plus, you can preserve the high-quality materials if you wash them properly.

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What are Bed Sheets?

Bedsheets are a piece of cloth used in bed. These are rectangular fabrics either sold single or in pairs. You can place a bed sheet below, or above your bed, it depends on you. Perfect bedsheets are those fitted at the bottom. It will keep it on the mattress while you use the bed. Imagine the hassle of tucking it every single minute. Nobody deserves that.

Some may call it a flat sheet or top sheet. You can place these flat sheets in between the blanket and your sleeper. Another thing is that flat layers are essential because it shields your covers from dirt.

How to Choose the Best Bed Sheet

You need to consider the material used. If you visit malls, most of the sheets available made of cotton. Cotton is one of the best materials for bed sheets. It is also popular because of its comfort and durability, not to mention it’s breathable. Cotton can get rid of the heat and discharge of fresh air.

Next, to cotton are linen sheets. Linen sheets are perfect in places with hot climates. It can wick away body heat. Also, linen looks elegant and romantic. Some people don’t like these types of fabrics because it’s too slippery and can be wrinkled easily. If you have iron, then there’s no problem with that.

Check if the weave suits your needs. Percale is a more plain weave than supple sateen. Ask yourself if you want a crisp or soft texture for your bedsheets? This tip is a matter of personal preference. You might want to consider the jersey sheets. It made out of flat knit. These type of clothes is soft. However, it might be slipping and sliding on your bed. Classic white and playful percale sheets are the perfect combinations.

Make sure it fits perfectly in your mattress. Have you ever tried to wrestle a small-fitted sheet just to fit it onto your mattress? It’s a struggle not everyone can endure. Not everyone has the patience for this time-consuming bed ritual. So now you know why it is necessary to buy the correct size. You can quickly check for sizes for standard-size bed like, for example, twin, queen, and king. Elastic-edge is the key to make it smooth fit.

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What are Blankets?

Last but not least is blankets. A blanket is an open soft cloth used in sleeping. It is used to cover or enfold your body and protects it from cold. It is not used only for sleeping. Blankets are also used when you want to relax and feel warm. What’s the differentiation between a sheet and a duvet? Beddings are one layer, while duvet is like a big pillowcase. A comforter, on the other hand, is a thick blanket.

How to Choose the Best Blanket

Take note of the size if you want to tuck it in around. Tucking in your blanket is the best feeling. It is one of the best feelings about weighted blankets. You don’t need to be a professional to get the sizes.
How to Choose the Best Bed Sheet
Here’s the size guide:

  • Twin: 90” x 65”
  • Full/Queen: 90” x 85”
  • Queen: 90” x 90”
  • King: 90” x 110”

Choose the right fabric. Whether its curtain, bedsheets, or blanket, it is crucial to choose the right fabric. Each textile has its benefits. Some sheets may be too hot for others, and some may be too light. So always decide what’s most beneficial for you and your whole family.

Pick the best-weighted blanket. Why weighted blankets? Weighted blankets have proven clinical health benefits. When you use a sheet with good weight, it provides a gentle pressure. This pressure feels like a hug, and it immediately sends a signal to your brain. Know more about weighted blankets by Roca. Sleep longer and stop your mind from anxiety. You deserve a good night’s sleep.