Sometimes the best way to bring a dull room back to life is a change. A change that is certain, apparent, and acutely designed. And a material that perfectly fills all the above parameters is the ‘rug.’ You need your room to lighten up, coordinating with your walls, and visually joining separate parts together and very beautifully covering your decor, then simply just rug it up. So, here’s your perfect guide to perfectly and uniquely wrap up your room with rugs accentuating their beauty.

Use Rugs to Define Boundaries

Instead of enveloping the whole area with one rug, you could go for different rugs to define boundaries at your place. This especially comes handy with large rooms or studios that need a specified jurisdiction. You could use various color rugs to mark the boundaries and specific areas.

Use different size rugs to create a sense variety

Rugs For Your Interior Decoration1

You could look for two rugs that possess different patterns of the same color or same patterns of different colors and cleverly blend them up to create an ostentatious style and ambiance. But the critical point to this is never using the same size rug as they dismantle the room in two or make it appear like you divide the room in two or create a clash of areas between two rugs.

Place the rugs to lighten up dormant and unwelcoming rooms

There are many rooms like halls that appear dead and inactive due to lack of decor. Hence, the best way to liven then up is by wrapping them in rugs of beautiful patterns and colors that coordinate well with your walls and create a visual pathway. Rugs could be eye-catching and consummately provide prominence to a dull and highly dormant room.

Rugs are not just meant for floors

Yes, this might come as a shock to most of you, but floors are not the only places where rugs are meant to be. Currently, rugs have surprisingly become a part of art; they are being colored, patterned, and molded differently to be converted into a beautiful art piece that exquisitely belongs to your walls. The rug art piece gives a unique and very alluring style to your room. They not only serve as the supreme wall decor but could considerably be used for sound-absorbing features.

Contrast and style

Rugs For Your Interior Decoration2

A rug when layering up your floors could contrast the walls or decor to provide a perfect texture to your room. If you have rooms with dark textures, use rugs of light color to contrast and provide well-presented visuals and textures. For bright colored rooms, use a dark-colored rug to provide ambiance and eye-pleasing textures.

The Power of Layering

Buying two different rugs to create a variety does not feel suitable for your pocket? So, worry not; here’s a smart tip to let you design your room with two different rugs but in a cost-effective manner. You could buy a fancy patterned rug of smaller size and regular jute rug of larger size. Now, all you need to do is put that regular rug first and layer it up with your fancy patterned rug. It not only creates variety and style but also offers a beneficial house-keeping advantage. As the regular jute rug would clean up thoroughly and efficiently, thereby exempting you from the hectic work of cleaning.

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