Are you trying to figure out what is going to happen during an HVAC install? Read this article to learn more about what to expect when getting HVAC installed.

Congratulations on your new HVAC install! You must be very excited about the new system and up-to-date technology. You’re also getting the whole system installed at the same time. How convenient is that?

There are several licensed HVAC contractors, and their role in maintaining your HVAC systems and keeping your domestic or commercial environment pleasant, they should be pleased to have you as a customer!

This article will give a brief overview of what happens during HVAC installation.

What to Expect When the Technicians Open the HVAC Boxes

When the technicians open all the boxes, they will contain the various system components to be installed in your home.

Here’s what a complete and comprehensive standard HVAC system ordinarily comprises:

  • The air conditioner’s compressor unit (typically outside the house or on the roof) converts refrigerant gas into liquid so it can travel through coils and cool the house.
  • The air conditioner’s condenser and evaporator coils are essential for producing cold air
  • The plenum (air-handling unit) is usually next to the furnace and circulates hot or cold air into and through the ductwork. It also takes in returned air.
  • The filter cleans the outdoor air before it blows through the house
  • The furnace includes the blower motor and fan, plus the heating compartment, a heat source (e.g., natural gas or electricity), and some other parts.
  • The ductwork is a network of metal tubes that carry newly heated or cooled air throughout the house.
  • The thermostat controls the temperature of the home.
  • Increasingly, a heat pump takes the place of both a traditional furnace and an air conditioner.

These different components might come as separate units, or some might be housed as a single unit.

We should also point out that new heating fuel and coolant types come on the scene frequently nowadays. In the future, people might not even recognize the HVAC systems we use today. So it’s good to stay on top of HVAC developments.

What to Expect during the HVAC Install Appointment Generally

Now, we’ll discuss what you should expect before and after the technicians arrive for the heating and AC installation. You should expect:

  • A briefing on the installation and how to prepare beforehand.
  • That the installation will arrive on time and take several hours, perhaps more than a single day.
  • That there will be two technicians to install your system.
  • That the technicians will identify and explain the various components to you and provide maintenance guidelines.
  • That they will answer your questions thoroughly and with solid, understandable information.
  • That they or someone else will explain the warranty on your new system.
  • That the technicians will not leave a mess when they leave.
  • That there might be a quality control inspection when the technicians have finished installing the HVAC equipment.

Finally, you should expect to start enjoying your new HVAC system right away!

Follow-Up to the HVAC Install

We have little doubt that you hired the best HVAC company for installing HVAC in your home. The vast majority of installers are conscientious, informative, respectful, and courteous like the professionals from Sun City Air.

If this is true of yours, we hope you’ll hire them again.

Actually, since we all know how rapidly HVAC technology is evolving, it might not be long before you see them back in your house installing an HVAC system that doesn’t even exist yet.

If you found this article helpful and want to stay up-to-date on just about everything relating to your home, including HVAC, keep reading our blog.