When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? The frequency of having your carpet cleaned depends on a lot of factors such as environment, the number of people in the house, location, and others. Most carpets today are made with a stain guard that saves you from a lot of trouble. But you should also keep a regular cleaning schedule of twice a year or three times a year if you have kids or if your carpet has a light color.

The Tools for Cleaning


Perhaps the most common tool for cleaning carpets and a must-have in carpet cleaning. It banishes dirt from the carpet, takes out visible and small debris from the surface and under the fabric. It’s pretty easy to use and can clean a significant portion of the fabric except for stains.

Carpet Cleaner Machines

Commonly referred to as steamers, if you live in a house where there are a lot of carpets, then it might be wise to invest in a carpet cleaner machine. Most cleaning companies have them and you can buy a good one that also has a professional-grade quality so you can clean like a pro. Make sure you read and learn about the machine before you buy them because they’re not cheap and you should expect them to have good years of service to you.

When you’re using this machine it is already likening it to deep cleaning so you don’t have to hire professionals to do it for you. But once in a while, you can supplement your maintenance by letting a professional cleaning service clean your carpet.

Shampoo and Other Cleaning Agents

These cleaning agents help by softening up stains and lifting off the dirt that sticks to the fabric so it’ll be easy to suck out. Make sure you use the appropriate cleaning agents and apply only what your machine can suck out. This will protect pets and children from inhaling residue chemicals on the carpet.

Cleaning Tips

Vacuum Frequently

High-traffic areas are where people usually step on your carpet. Specks of dirt are like razor blades that damage the fabric every time somebody steps on it. By doing regular vacuuming twice a week you’ll be able to keep the fabric clean and in good condition.

Don’t Overwet Your Carpet

DIY steamers like mentioned above can apply a lot of moisture to the carpet. If you’re not using a high-powered machine, you might not be able to get the moisture out completely. Also, limit yourself to only having one pass of soap and water, and another with rinse solution. Do two or three drying passes to make sure you get all the liquid out.

Pre-Treat Stains Before Steaming

Make sure to pre-spray high-traffic areas before you pass it with a steamer. This will make it easier to remove stain and dirt for deep cleaning. It’ll save you time and lessens the stress on the fabric due to the brushing and application of cleaning agents.

Clean Before It’s Really Dirty

Don’t wait for the carpet to get gummy or heavily soiled before you do your deep-cleaning. If you think your carpet is already in need of a thorough cleaning prior to its schedule then do it. As mentioned, debris and dirt on the carpet can damage the fabric and can cause discoloration.

A carpet provides an abundance of colors, textures, comfort, and pattern to your interiors. Proper maintenance of your carpet is important regardless if you’re staying with it for years to come or sell it in the future. A regular and proper cleaning routine is the only way you’ll be able to keep its vibrant color for a long time.