Home care and maintenance are crucial to ensure its resale value. Many aspects impact home value, but a well-maintained fresh paint job helps to maintain its appeal and impression. Painting is laborious and time-consuming. It is also costly, so often gets a push back in terms of priority.

Some warning signs that your home exterior walls need repainting are discussed below. You can call professional maler Slagelse from Vibes Painting Company. They are the best professionals around Denmark for both exterior and interior wall paintings. 

Peeling, cracking & bubbling

These are noticeable signs that you need to sand the walls and start fresh. Such signs mean the painting done was incorrect that leads to unnecessary early damage or the peels and cracks are due to weather elements. Peeling and cracking of paint even hint at underlying issues associated with rotting wood, mildew, mold, or dry rot. Peeling or bubbling signs must be taken seriously!

Fading paint

The wall exteriors have to handle the extreme cold, hot, rainy, stormy, snowy, etc. weather. The exterior paint will possibly start to fade. This can lower your home’s aesthetic look. It even indicates that the exterior paint is not protecting the walls. A dull or flat paint on the outside walls means you need to think about repainting. It gives your home a fresh look and protects it from weather elements.


The shelf lives of caulks are less than paint products, especially when used in the home exteriors as they get exposed consistently to elements. You will see small cracks in the caulking around doors and windows or between the trims. If ignored moisture can seep inside and cause more damage. So, replace caulking and add fresh paint to offer an extra protection layer. 

Gaps in siding & wood shrinkage

Building materials succumb to elements over time. Gaps get visible in the siding and shrinkage occurs in the trim or wooden pieces. There are relevant issues that hint, a need for repair. Just like caulking, there is no logic in fixing the damage and only repainting it. It is sensible to give the entire exterior a repaint to fill the holes, and fix the gaps. Everything will look cohesive and fresh. 

It is time

The exterior paint job lasts for 5 to 6 years. In a mild climate, the paint product can last for more than 10 years as they are less vulnerable to damage from elements. So, there is no golden rule about when to repaint your home exteriors. However, after every 5 years give it an update to keep its look impressive and protected.

Curb appeal

After doing the driveway work and landscaping, it is time to think about a fresh paint coat on the wall exterior to enhance your home’s curb appeal value. The curb appeal value even gets affected by the color trend. If your home has an olive green paint job, it was trendy in the 70s, so you need to update it with a modern trend color to give it better look and new value.