Living in a home does not have to be boring. It’s the desire of every person to live in a comfortable and prestigious life as much as possible. Sometimes, this dream does not turn into reality. This is because there are no finances to upgrade a traditional house that you have lived in for ages.

Fortunately, this dream can be realized while improving each room at its own time. All that is needed is to account for the cost of each room in the entire house.

Secondly, plan for the amount of money to spend to make it look more modern.

Below are some tips for remodeling each room and having a modern house in a short while as you repair each room at a time.

1. The Living room.

The Living room

Are the windows positioned in the right direction, is there enough aeration such that during the day one can use natural light?

If some of these questions do not add up, then its time to consider changing the position and the design of the window. Modern perforations look elegant and changing the bars can make your living room look newer than any other house around. Research for the curtains that go along with the new remodels of the windows.

Ensure they match with the room’s colors to add life to the room and elegance.

2. Kitchen.


How about the balcony, the modern houses look elegant with a spacious kitchen balcony and have some resting area. What are the materials required to extend one? If so, think about how the new architectural design will fit in the old model and still look a great kitchen.

My first thought when I was remodeling my kitchen was to reduce the small garden behind. The balcony came out so well that people could stare at it any time they came visiting. I could no longer keep my gas cylinder inside the kitchen. There was sufficient space meant for the cylinder, and safety in the house was enhanced further.

3. Store Room.

Store Room

The store is a forgotten room while remodeling.

A business person who deals for instance with air compressors would want to have a storage space.

The storeroom is a beneficial room to consider remodeling for such type of storage. Space extension is worth thinking about. One may consider extending the room with a few inches to fit items such as the 30-gallon air compressor. This is a portable item that could be stored after a day’s work rather than for it to remain inside the car when it’s not in use. Ensure that the room has partitions for the fixtures, shelves, and cabinets for storing other useful items.

They do not have to be left in the workshop for security purposes.

4. Bathroom.


The modern bathroom remodels structures are something you cannot miss to upgrade in your house. A bathroom means everything to any person in the house.

As such, it should be neat, well designed for ultimate comfort while taking a shower as you refresh for the day.

As you purpose to remodel the bathroom, think about the tiles, the modern pipes, the sinks, the bowls, and the tank available.

5. The Garage,


More often than not, a garage is ignored when it comes to remodeling.

But remember the Garage can give a facelift of the whole house if remodeled by an experienced architect within a short period. Ensure that there is some space to store some of the vehicle accessories.

It could range from tires, toolbox, and air compressors for filling up the tires such as the 12V air compressor which is ideal in this case.

A well-equipped and managed Garage will give one an easy time.

You do not have to keep knocking the neighbor’s house for assistance when a tire is flat as you have all that is needed inside your Garage at home.


Remember that all the remodeling does not have to be done at once. Decide on putting aside $150 each quarter of the year, and remodel each room in order of priority.

By the end of the year, the whole house will have a complete and modern new look. Do not go for expensive materials if you cannot afford, work within your budget and avoid emptying your pockets.