There is nothing better than a new coat of paint to spruce your home up and give it a whole new lease of life. Calling in professional painters and decorators can be expensive, and it is often a needless expenditure because it is easy to do yourself if you know how. We have all seen bad paint jobs with big ugly patches and brush marks all over the walls, so it is important that you know what you are doing.

To help everyone with their home decorating, here are some top home painting tips from the experts.

1. Paint Your Home When the Weather is Dry

When there is a lot of moisture in the air on a humid or rainy day, your paint is more likely to drip and will take longer to dry. It is better to wait for a dry day so that you can do a neat job. If you have no choice but to paint on a humid or rainy day, take your time and be careful. Paint slowly and fix your errors as you go along so that every coat is absolutely perfect before you move progressively to the next one.

2. Use the Right Equipment

A major reason why professional paint jobs often look superior to your DIY job is that the professionals use the right equipment. As well as quality paint brushes and rollers, many pros use cordless paint sprayers when painting a house. This enables them to get a perfectly even coat in far less time than it would take using a paintbrush. The cordless design means they are super convenient and can be used both inside your home and for external painting.

3. Prepare Your Walls Properly

This is something that so few DIY painters do but which the experts know is so important. Check your walls for any areas which have cracks, flakes, or peeling plasterboard or paint. Lightly scrape or sand these areas and then rinse them thoroughly. It is important to do this before applying your primer and new paint job because otherwise, the old paint will be pulled off by the new coats. If there are no problem areas, simply give your walls a wipe with a damp cloth before painting so that there is no dust.

4. Cover Up Anything You Don’t Want to Splash

If anyone has seen the episode of Mr. Bean in which he paints his home, you will know how seriously he takes protecting his possessions from splashes. While you don’t need to individually wrap each grape-like he does, you do need to cover up anything that you don’t want to get paint on. Take your time covering the floors, hardware, and furniture. For doorknobs, you can tape sandwich bags over them and use tape around light switches to keep them paint-free.

Painting your home can be very simple, but it can totally transform the space. Always choose quality paint and take your time. Make sure you follow these four simple tips, and you will be sure to do a fantastic job.