Homes are the private castles we retreat to when we escape the monotony of everyday life. They’re our palaces of peace.

Pest infestation can disrupt that tranquility at any time. When bugs take over, it’s time to take charge of household pest control.

The presence of a large number of pests and insects in the home leads to irreparable damage. The National Pest Management Association sites annual damage of $5 billion to homes due to termites alone.

The worst news is that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover it.

Face it! Having pests in your home causes a lot of headaches and damages. Keep reading to find out some of the best household pest control and prevention tips.

Household Pest Control Starts with Maintenance

Most homeowners believe that if it’s not visible, it doesn’t exist. Quite the contrary. Most pests hide out in tiny spaces then eat bigger holes in your home.

Stay on top of simple maintenance. Check around your home for small cracks and holes. Most likely, those are bug issues and not foundation issues. Seal them off right away.

Start on the outside of the home then make your way to the inside. Check entry points and pipes areas that lead into the house. The garage is a breeding ground. Check for openings around your washer and dryer as well.

If you’re unsure about how to go about it, check with a professional. Womack Pest Control is great place to start, especially if you’re in Maryland and the surrounding area.
Household Pest Control Starts with Maintenance
Pests love leftovers. So, keep your kitchen clean. Wipe your countertops and appliances down. Sweep after every meal. And, use vacuum extensions to get hard to reach crumbs and trash under the stove and fridge.

Control Humidity

Insects, bugs, and larger pests love humid places. They thrive and breed in humid environments.

Control the humidity in your home. Keep the inside of your home at nice cool temperature. Make sure all of the rooms in the house are well ventilated. That includes the attic and basement.

Owners assume because they don’t sleep in these areas, the temperature doesn’t matter. It does when it comes to pests waiting to wreak havoc on your sanctuary. Dry, cool air is the goal. That keeps humidity down and insects away.

Trash and Standing Water

Open trash cans are invitations for unwanted visitors—big and small. Traditional steel cans are cute but easy to knock over by larger-sized pests.

Upgrade to a modernized style garbage bin with a lid. A rolling garbage bin has a heavy lid that requires opening by a handle. This keeps your trash under lid and aggravating bugs from swarming your backdoor area.
Also, don’t leave standing water sitting anywhere. Standing water draws mosquitos, which are dangerous to your health as well. Turn empty buckets and containers over in your yard.

Bring outside play toys in before it rains. And survey your yard for rain spots.

Protect Your Home

Household pest control helps protect the health of your home and everyone in it. Stay on top of it.

As the Autumn weather cools things down, get busy with pest prevention. Use these tips to keep bugs, insects, and critters at bay.

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