As we near the end of 2022, now is the perfect time to reflect back on the past year and look at how things have changed since 2021. Much like the past few years, there has been a lot going on around the world in 2022 which has influenced almost every faucet of day-to-day life, an area that has seen a lot if change is interior décor.

Over the past few years, how we use our homes on a daily basis has changed quite a bit and now the interior décor world is catching up with the changes of the past few years, as more of us than ever work from home, more people are keeping an eye on their utility bills and people are seeking comfort and refuge from the outside world.

All Day Usability Has Been Prioritised

Now that we can see the “work from home” movement is here to stay, many people have struggled in homes not designed to be used all day long. Many homes are built and designed for people who leave the house for their work, so being indoors for most of the day has highlighted some flaws in old décor practices.

People working in spare rooms are struggling in spaces designed for the night time, which has prompted a rise in in “all day décor” which works just as well during the day as it does at night, such as day & night blinds and ambient lighting solutions. 

Premium Put On Money Saving Décor

Over the past year, the cost of nearly everything has increased from food to energy bills. So, to combat a rise in the cost of living, many homeowners are looking for ways they can save money on their bills, which has led to a surge in demand for décor that can help homeowners save money.

This has lead to a rise in popularity for a wide range of décor pieces, such as: thermal roller blinds, being used to improve insulation and cut heating bills; energy efficient lighting solutions, which are being used to decrease electricity consumption; and efficient food storage solutions, which can lower food waste within homes.

Joyful Patterns & Bright Colours Are In

As global events have caused stress for many people, homeowners are ditching the cold feel of minimalism for a more comforting style. Simple neutral colours are being swapped out for bold, vibrant colours and simple patterns have been upgraded to soulful and happy patterns.

So, for home décor bland neutral colours like greys and beiges are being changed out for more friendly and welcoming colours like bright blues, strong yellows and happy greens. Boring patterns are also out, with more childlike patterns and prints becoming in demand.

Comfort Becoming A Big Factor

With lots of apprehension about the state of the world in general, people are starting to look for things to bring them comfort, this trend can be easily seen in the world of décor as comfortable décor pieces have risen in popularity.

This has lead to items like: soft blankets and throws, being used to add comfort; cosy rugs and carpets, being used to add warmth and softness to rooms; and bed linens, having more of a focus on warmth and cosiness rather than focusing on the actual look of the product.