More than 53% of the US population does their laundry two to four times a week. The laundry requirements of each US household are different. If the volume of laundry you handle every week is enormous or if your laundry requirements are frequent, it’s recommended to hire a laundry service. 

Search for “laundry services near me” to find the best commercial laundry facilities in your vicinity. There are several benefits to using a laundry service company. For one, you do not have to spend your precious weekend sorting through dirty laundry, hanging clothes to dry, or ironing them for work on Monday. 

Instead, you can schedule an appointment with the nearest laundry service and have fresh, clean, pressed clothes delivered back to your doorstep.

Assess Your Requirements

The first point to consider, when figuring out how often you should call a laundry pickup, is the number of clothes to be washed. For instance, your laundry needs will be more extensive than a two-person household if you have a large family.

Evaluate your requirements in detail. If you need fresh clothes for the office every day or your kids need fresh clothes for school, you may need to schedule weekly appointments. Conversely, if you work from home most of the time or do not have kids who go to school, you may not need to schedule appointments as frequently. 

Similarly, your need for laundry services is bound to be more frequent if you have pets. Pet fur can settle on linen, blankets, clothes, pillow covers, and furniture upholstery. Additionally, your laundry requirements will also vary based on the types of clothes you wear

Denim and other thick fabrics do not need to be washed after every wear. Other fabric types like nylon and polyester attract and absorb dirt quickly. 

Sick Family Members

Frequent laundry appointments are especially critical if someone at home is suffering from a viral infection or is bedridden. In this case, it is vital to do laundry every day to maintain residential hygiene.

You can minimize the possibility of further infection spread by choosing a laundry service to handle your laundry needs while you or your family member recovers. Studies show that over 49 million Americans are vulnerable to allergies. 

Allergic conditions can aggravate with exposure to dust and allergens present in clothes or other fabric items. So you will need to do laundry frequently if you or a family member has allergies.


Find the best laundry facilities by searching for “laundry services near me” on the internet. The websites usually host detailed information about the cost of laundry services, operating hours and additional services the facility offers.  

Compare your monthly laundry budget with the rates offered by the most cost-effective services near you to decide how often you should schedule appointments. 

Climate and Weather Conditions

Clothes you wear in hot, humid weather conditions will need frequent washing. You may also consider the turnaround time of your laundry facility.

Final Thought

There are no preset rules as to how often you should do laundry or schedule laundry pickup appointments. Take your call on how frequent the pickup appointments should be based on your requirements.