Now, when you want to replace something in your office or any other room, you don’t need to check different items in shops. It is enough to type in your request in your preferred browser, and you get plenty of options. Every item can be delivered directly to your home. Standing desks are not an exception. 

You might still be worried when choosing a standing desk online. The item isn’t cheap, and on it, your comfort during the entire working day depends. That’s why the best desk manufacturers offer plenty of options to facilitate the choice for you. 

All the reliable companies will provide you with quality customer support. A company representative is always online to reply to your questions and calculate the needed parameters for you. Thus, instead of reading, say, a standing desk frame guide, you can just a company representative to help you with the needed parameters. 

Some companies have gone even further. For example, a reliable company that takes care of its customers will offer even a special tool to construct the desk of your dreams online, directly on the company website. The tool is called a desk maker, or a desk builder. 

How Does a Desk Builder Work?

A desk builder is a tool online. It works directly on the company website. It is offered for free and helps you to check or even to purchase the needed desk.

Here is a detailed guide on how to work with a desk builder.

  • You move to the page with the tool. There, you will see two fields. In the right field, you see the available desk models. Click the one that you like. The desk model will be displayed in the left field. Now, you are ready to start the selection process.
  • In the right field, the desk components will be displayed. By clicking on the needed component, you are choosing it to add to your virtual desk. 
  • The very first component to choose is the lifting frame. Make sure it has the needed lifting power, stroke length, it is lightweight, or whatever else you might need from a lifting frame. Don’t forget to be consulting a customer representative while choosing the desk components. Once chosen, the frame will be displayed in the right field, and its price will be shown, too. The price will be changing while you are moving on with the choices.
  • Further, you will be offered to choose a desktop size. Click on the needed measurements. As a reference, you will see a drawing with a person sitting at the desk of the chosen size. If it is what you are looking for, click on it, and move to choose the next component.
  • Now, select the desktop colour. Your desk might be a perfect match with the colour of your home office, it might create a contrasting point in the room, or it might be just in a colour you like. The choice is yours.
  • The tabletop grommet is the next component. It can be white, black, grey, it can be with a cap or without it. 
  • Finally, you choose remote control. Just check whether you like it and whether it is convenient to use.

After that, you will be offered to continue with the selection of accessories. While for some people, a desk is more than enough for work, for others, some accessories might be needed to create a completely convenient working place. 

Thus, check what you need. If you use a CPU, we recommend you buy a special CPU holder for standing desks. Such CPU holders are designed to provide safe and reliable support for your CPU and look stylish in the combination with an advanced furniture piece such as your new desk.

If you love or would love to move your desk around the office when you are working, check the lockable wheels for desks. You unlock them, move the desk to the needed place, and then, you lock them. Your desk stays in one place, and you can continue your work. 

If you need a drawer, you can also consider getting an attachable item. Such drawers can be attached and removed whenever you need them.

To Sum up

As you can see, you can choose a new standing desk without visiting all those shops, asking, measuring. Instead, you can measure the place where you are going to install the furniture item, open a website of a reputable manufacturer of standing desks, and build your desk step by step. If you don’t find an option that you want, don’t worry. Contact a company representative and explain what you need. In most cases, big manufacturers offer customizable options, it might be just the right case for you. 

Now, when the decision is made, you can start looking forward to working at your new desk.