While the glamor for your interior decor largely contributes to the homeliness of your property, you will not argue that the sounds from your electronics matter too.

Home theatres are the choice electronics for those who care about the sound quality of their entertainment systems. There are many products on the market today with a wide variety of features.

Whatever brand you choose to purchase, it is crucial to understand how to derive the best quality sound possible for your new home theater. In this article, we will explore the necessary steps needed to bring out the best from your entertainment system.

Harmonize the Room Acoustics

Music studios have fiber-glass partitioning and padded walls to extract the highest quality sound. Such premium quality is needed to create a clear and crisp sound. Of course, the sound quality will be determined mainly by how well you go about your home theater installation. Room acoustics is essential to get the best sound out of your home theater.

The room needs to be in the best order for the perfect sound to emanate. A room cluttered with furniture will distort sound distribution. Too much plush items such as carpets or wall-mounter rugs will dampen the sound while empty walls and glass will bounce the sound all over the room.

Adjust Location of Speakers

Adjust Location of Speakers
For the best effect, the center speaker must be positioned under or above the mid-section of the TV screen. Furthermore, all front-facing speakers should be aligned to either side of the screen. The best location of the surround speaker is at the back of the room.

Stock up on subwoofers

If there is just one seat row, it is best to get two subwoofers. Double seat rows (or more) require a minimum of four subwoofers. You can hire a home theatre installation technician to fit in a loaded mega subwoofer, giving you the solid bass your ears desire.

Purchase the Right Speaker

Many people use the wrong speakers for the right home theater and blame it on the equipment. If you are desire premium surround sound or are a lover of high SPL music, then only the best speakers are good enough.

Avoid speakers with just a metal or fabric dome tweeter. A multi-tweeter layout is standard while compression drivers are the top of the range. Line sources are costly, but any other thing will provide distorted dynamics and scarce reliability.

Locate Seats from Walls or Speakers

Locate Seats from Walls or Speakers
Ensure to give your seats a minimum of 4ft distance from the nearest speaker. The seats should not rest on the wall. Otherwise, the surround sound will be drowned. Locating the seats closer to the surround speaker will create excessive localization.

Do Not Depend On Standard Settings

Standard settings don’t always work best. Many homeowners make this mistake, thereby disrupting the quality of sound they get from their home theaters. To get the best results, calibrate your home theater system. Once you do this, you can adjust the equalization settings to suit your requirements.