Back when the industrial scene was coming to a steady close, with factories, mills and warehouses closing down all over the country, many individuals saw an opportunity in the architecture of these buildings. From exposed pipes to concrete flooring, there were so many key design features within the buildings that could work beautifully when incorporated into a new interior style. Today, industrial style interior design is huge. From New York loft houses to restaurants and bars across the globe transforming their interiors to an industrial style, you’re guaranteed to experience plenty of industrial beauty from day to day.

Genuine Features

If you’re lucky enough to have a building that boasts genuine features such as steel vaults and iron window frames, then be sure to hold on to those and enhance them with your décor choices. By keeping the original features in the room, you’ll be able to capture that industrial feel perfectly and create a space that oozes character and authenticity.

Decorative Touches

Decorative Touches
Image Credit: Buster and Punch

Introducing the right decorative pieces to the room is essential in ensuring you maintain the industrial theme. Look for key items that are going to enhance the overall style within the room and bring charm. Antique features are great for creating this kind of feel, as they often have unique design styles that bring effortless charm to your interiors. Think about the materials that you’re adding to the room, such as items with an iron structure, leather upholstery and so on.

The Lighting

The Lighting
Image Credit: Industville

Choosign the right lighting for your industrial style home is a really important element of the design process. Modern lighting plays a huge part in any room and has the biggest impact on how a room feels too. Industrial décor is very minimalist, with key features that stand out to add character and you want your lighting to reflect off those items and add a touch of drama to the space. Ensure you have plenty of natural light filtering throughout the room, then focus on introducing stylish lighting fixtures to finish off the décor perfectly.


Industrial interior décor is always built up around minimalistic features. You have your main core features such as the iron window frames or vaulted ceilings, then you add to the original character with decorative pieces that complement the overall theme perfectly. You don’t want the room to feel cluttered or messy, so sticking to a minimalist approach will really help you to achieve your goals. Once you’ve mastered the balance within the room, you’ll notice that certain features, such as the original parts, will stand out beautifully and enhance the overall industrial vibe that you have going on throughout that space.