When buying diamonds checking their quality is essential since it can determine the value of your diamond. As a buyer, you should be familiar with the 4cs of the diamond and other properties that can measure its authenticity. Loose diamonds wholesale in Carrollton Texas can be a perfect choice since you can get a higher quality diamond plus they have a more affordable price. Loose Diamonds can be evaluated at every corner which means you can get a diamond with a higher value. 

The 4C’s to Check if Your Diamond is High Quality


The cut of the diamond is graded according to how they can conceal the real beauty of the diamond. The cut is based on the most popular cut which is the round brilliant diamond cut, which has 58 facets. Getting a diamond from a store that has a skilled diamond cutter will be the best to get the most excellent cut of the diamond. The diamond’s cut is determined by its symmetry of facet arrangement, quality of polish, and girdle thickness. You can check the right proportion for each shape of the diamond so you will know if the cut is done excellently. 


Diamonds are priced per carat so it is important to determine the carat weight of a diamond. The pricing changes according to the shapes, color, and other features of the diamond. Therefore you have to determine the specific features of the diamond you want so you can have lesser time checking on every diamond in the store. Diamonds with the same carat can have different prices since it is affected by other factors. So know the differences in pricing diamonds, however, take note that buying a diamond with below whole numbers can be a wise move since they have big differences.


Clarity refers to how flawless the diamonds are, upon formation of diamonds there are inclusions that may appear and they are considered flaws. Flawless diamonds are rare and they can be pricey, however, when checking on a diamond’s clarity make sure to get the diamond with lesser flaws. The diamond is graded according to how many flaws it is visible and not. Diamonds that have flaws that are not visible to the naked eye can be good as long as they will not affect the overall quality of the diamond. 


The colorless of a diamond is graded by using the letters D to Z and D, E and F as the colorless ones; G,H,I, and J as the nearly colorless; K, L, and M as the faded yellow; N,O,P,Q and R as the very light yellow and light yellow form s to Z. The more colorless the diamond the better, since colorless diamonds are rare and pricey going for nearly colorless can be the best choice.

Benefits of Checking the Quality of Loose Diamonds in Carrollton

For Verification 

Checking on the quality of the diamond can verify if the properties stated by the seller are indeed legit. Checking on its certification can also be good, all diamonds sold should come with certification and the certification should be coming from a reputable diamond evaluator. The most reliable diamond evaluators are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society. If the certification is given by these two then it’s accurate. 

For Assurance

Nobody wants to waste their money buying diamonds that are not authentic, therefore checking on the diamonds before buying them should be a must. As a buyer having knowledge on 4cs can help you determine if the diamond you are buying possesses the qualities you are looking for, you may not be good as the expert but at least you can be in the same boat as you talk with your jeweler. 

Get a loose diamonds in Carrollton today and apply the tips given about the 4cs of diamond so you can pick the best choice and be able to get satisfied with the diamond you will be bringing home. It’s always a good thing to prepare before buying anything since you can have a smoother transaction and save time when picking your choice. So acquire the knowledge you need and start shopping.