Climatic changes have led to long periods of drought, placing vegetable gardens and lawns at risk of drying up. As such, there is a need for garden owners to adapt to irrigation systems that will quench the crop’s thirst. There are many watering methods labeled as the best in the market. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that you may be overwhelmed and confused about the best choice for your plants. This article highlights the best watering methods.

The following factors will help you settle for the best watering choice for your plants.

  • What is your budget? Some systems are more expensive than others.
  • Working with a budget can help you narrow down on a good choice.
  • How much water do your plants need? Different systems provide different amounts of water. You need to be sure how much water your plant needs.
  • Can you rely on rainfall? This will help you know the amount of surplus water you will need.
  • What is the climate around your garden? If the climate is hot and dry, then you need more supply of water than a garden in a cold and wet climate.
  • What is the terrain of your garden? You need to understand the impact of runoff in case there is any.
  • How much labor do you need? Although most garden irrigation systems are meant to reduce labor used, some methods are more automated than others are.
  • Other than that, the available water for irrigation is also a very important factor at play.

With all these factors in mind, you are in a better position to choose the best irrigation system for your vegetable gardens.
3 Best Watering Systems for your Gardens

3 Best Watering Systems for your Gardens

As said above, there are several methods for watering your lawn. If you are looking for efficiency, you need to look for the best. Below are the three best irrigation systems for your plants.

  • Drip irrigation system- the first system to look at is drip irrigation. In this method, you must have a series of connected garden horses with pores at estimated intervals.The pipes should have filters to prevent the blocking of the emitters by soil particles. This method is most efficient for level-ground since the water does not flow with pressure. Besides, it is best for deep-rooted plants. Other than that, if you are looking to save water, then this is the most water-efficient method to use.
  • Soaker Hoses system- this method has a striking resemblance to the drip system.However, the soaker horse consists of a perforated hose that emits water through the holes throughout. You can place the rubber hose, on rows between plants or you can curve it around the plant. Since the perforations emit water everywhere, it is easy for weeds to grow alongside your vegetables. Nevertheless, the method has benefits including preventing foliage diseases caused by damping. Since the watering targets the roots, it is best for foundation planting and multiple garden beds.
  • Lawn Sprinkler- the lawn sprinklers system is best for large yards or gardens.Sprinkler method exists in two forms-above the ground and in-ground sprinkling. The above-ground method is where a pipe dispenses high-pressure water to the air in a yard. This method mimics raindrops. It is, however, not resourceful during sunny and windy weather since the water may evaporate. On the other hand, the in-ground method involves a water head connected to a water pipe. This method is electronically controlled. In some cases, the heads detect the presence of rain and they stop emitting water.

Reasons Why You Need the Above Three Systems for Your Gardens

Reasons Why You Need the Above Three Systems for Your Gardens

Most home yards appear to be small and manageable. However, this does not rule out the importance of subscribing to the updated irrigation methods. Here is why,

  • The above watering choices save time since they are installed. After fixing, the hoses function automatically and for long periods with no need for replacement.
  • Since they operate automatically, the labor required is minimal. Therefore, you can go about your daily routine without worrying about your plants.
  • Drip and soak irrigation reduce the growth of weeds. This is because the water supply is limited to the plants’ roots only. As such, the weeds dry off and die.
  • Apart from the sprinkler, the other two methods are water efficient. Water is not unnecessarily wasted.
  • These level-ground systems of irrigation prevent the occurring of foliage diseases. Since the water is deep-rooted, the leaves rarely get wet; this reduces the chances of infection caused by wetness.

In summary, if you have been toying with the idea of home gardening, then you must embrace irrigation. Depending on your needs, customization and the factors above, choose a suitable watering system. It is true you can water your vegetables, but the efficiency is not dependable. I hope you find this article resourceful in your agriculture adventure.