According to experts, painting a home interior can cost between $963 and $2,740. You may do it on your own or hire a painter. Either way, it’s important to learn how to choose a paint color to give your home a personality.

Have you painted your home? Maybe you think the best way is by hiring an interior designer, but that’s far from the truth. You can choose the right paint color for your home and give it the wow factor it’s missing.

Painting your home gives it a lively look and elevates its value. Especially if your home has become drab and weathered over the years, giving it a fresh coat of paint will make it seem new and up-to-date. It’s an affordable alternative that can make your home look entirely contemporary.

Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered. Here’s your step by step guide to choosing a paint color for your home today.

1. Look for Color Inspiration at Home and Online

A good starting point for choosing a paint color for your home is searching for inspiration. While an interior designer may offer suggestions, you can do it on your own.

Do you own art? Does your furniture or window treatments follow a certain pattern? Take a look around your home to see if any hue, color, or pattern stands out.
Look for Color Inspiration at Home and Online
You can also find some inspiration online by searching for the style you’re looking for. For example, try searching “Mediterranean home decor ideas” if you have always loved the decorative style of villas along the Mediterranean.

With a computer or smartphone, everything is now one click away. A simple search using a hashtag on social media sites will give you thousands of results you can take inspiration from.  But if you’re the conventional type, magazines may also give you some unique ideas. 

2. Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Home

Choosing a color scheme for your home will depend on the ambiance you want to create. Take a color wheel to learn how the different shades look in your living space.

Consider artwork, accessories, and furniture to complement the colors you choose. Narrow down hues in the same tone to create a pleasant color scheme. Don’t forget to choose and compare what paint finish works best for your rooms.

One of the hottest color trends is using gray paint on your home’s interior. The color gray is widely used because it gives an elegant, versatile, and sophisticated backdrop to your furniture and fixtures. 

Decorating is straightforward as this neutral color doesn’t clash with your significant pieces.  It doesn’t steal the thunder from your expensive paintings and will help balance the dimensions of bulky items in your space, like your couches, shelves, and center tables

3. Test the Paint Colors

Before painting your home, you should test the paint colors by painting large squares one beside the other. Consider testing colors in different degrees of finishes such as flat, matte, or gloss.

Make sure to compare how the colors look under indoor lighting and natural light. Testing the colors and comparing them in different lighting is vital to choose the best paint colors for your home.

4. Paint Your Home

Once you choose the paint colors for your home, it’s time to start painting. While you may be able to do it on your own, you should consider working with a house painter to obtain the best results. An expert will prepare your walls by applying products such as primer to make sure your paint lasts longer.

Relying on the expertise of a professional painter can get the job done fast and with impeccable quality. It would be wiser to spend a little more money than letting somebody inexperienced do the job.
Paint Your Home

So You Learned How to Choose a Paint Color, Now What?

Learning how to choose a paint color is the first step to making your home more welcoming. You may be considering hiring an interior designer. Instead, you can pick the perfect color palette to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home and use the extra money to hire a professional painter.

An expert will make sure you choose the best products to paint and protect your walls. An experienced painter can also offer insight into the best primers and paints that perform better depending on the weather in your area.

Finding the best local painting company is as easy as searching for “professional painter near me.” You may also ask your loved ones for referrals. Before calling the company, you should take a look at their customer reviews to learn what to expect.

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