Home-makers all over the world are always looking for the next best cleaner that can save time and effort while giving them the satisfaction of better cleaning. Gone are the days when cleaning was done manually. Nowadays, cleaning has become more effective and easier. Brooms, mops, and brushes are things of the past! Now are the days of ultrasonic cleaning that removes even contaminants like rust, oil, grease, dirt, pigments, molds, residue, etc. These cleaners use a process called cavitation where mechanical vibrations produce sound waves in a cleaning solution with the immersed product to be cleaned. The scrubbing action from the bubbles created by the sound waves clears any contaminants like dirt, rust, etc. From rust-worn utensils to jewellery and ceramics, you can clean anything made of plastic and metals with the best ultrasonic cleaners. They come in several different types based on their configuration and features. Let us take a look at the different types of cleaners. 

Desktop or Turnkey Systems

When you want to clean small objects or parts of a device which have the same contaminant, desktop turnkey systems are the best option. Designed especially for small load, these units can easily handle such instruments and parts. You can integrate these units with the kitchen systems or place them on a small surface. Usually, these units operate at 120v and one frequency. You need to select a frequency that matches the objects that you want to clean. Plus, they don’t require much power and their tank can also be cleaned at low power. There are many options available in the market for desktop systems as they are versatile, portable, and efficient. 

Bench Top Systems

Bench top systems are bigger than the small desktop units. They are either made of integrated turnkey desktop systems or assembled from individual components. These units are made for more heavier load than the simpler desktop units. You can use them for bigger parts and instruments even at home. And if you want to make your cleaning operation more flexible, you can use separate ultrasonic generators and transducers. The generators and transducers in an ultrasonic cleaner can operate at several frequencies. You can even switch them to get different frequencies. This provides a flexibility that helps in cleaning different kinds of objects and remove many types of contaminants.

Large Industrial Systems

Compared to other two types of cleaners, large industrial systems are usually bulkier and can handle the most load. You can use them for heavy duty parts and big objects and products. In fact, they are designed to have large tanks that can accommodate the heavier products. Plus, they have bigger tanks so that you can easily clean heavier and bigger products. Usually, with these units, the generators are mounted separately instead of being a part of the cleaner. Also, they need more transducers to fill such big tanks with ultrasonic waves.

When selecting a type of cleaner that fits all your requirements, you need to focus on a few factors. Pay close attention to the size, frequency, use of device, material used, type of cleaner, etc. before making a decision.