Want to put a stop at unwanted intrusions and trespassing? If yes, then you need an electric gate opener — an electric-powered operator that can remotely open or close the main gate. However, it isn’t just about privacy and security, but also convenience. With this device, you will no longer need to leave the car and manhandle the door by yourself. Since it is something you don’t purchase very often, most homeowners are unaware of what to look for in electric gate openers. That’s why we have put forth this all-inclusive guide to assist you in choosing the suitable equipment. Let’s start, shall we? 

The Type of the Gate

Gates come in all geometries, sizes, and designs — some are feather-light and easy to push, whereas heftier ones demand immense power. Not to forget, the orientation and the span of their movement also vary hugely, depending on the size of the entrance. That is why not all electric gate openers go with all types of gates. 

The following are some essential considerations that must be noted down before the purchase. 

  • Weight — Needless to say, the heavier the gate, the more power it needs to move. Thus, a more powerful machine will be needed. The weight depends on the material used, yes, but the design also plays a colossal role in defining the gate’s heaviness. For instance, a fully covered wooden gate would be several times heavier than a metal barred gate with empty spaces in the design. 
  • Length — For sliding doors, gate openers incorporate chains to operate, the length of which depends on the length of the gate’s each leaflet. Although the modern designs are more versatile and can accommodate a wide range of lengths, it is best to measure the length before heading to the market. 
  • Orientation — Main gates are designed in two most common types of orientations — sliding and swinging. It is essential to take this account because not all gat operators are versatile enough to adjust according to the orientation. In addition to this, you may even find gates with some exceptionally unique styles — bi-folding gates, corner sliders, bi-parting sliders, and telescopic gates — for which specially designed gate operators are required. 
  • Design — Is it see-through? How heightened is it? Does it carry any decorations? Does the design incorporate any special features? All of these factors must be considered to match your needs with the most suitable equipment. Or you will have to tweak the design or the surroundings to incorporate the device otherwise. 

Material Quality of the Equipment  

Motors constructed with inferior-quality parts and material sacrifice efficiency, making the system fail or jam frequently. If you are not having a good time with the device, what will be the point of installing it in the first place? A gate opener with perfect quality material is what you should always settle for. 

It does contain several moving parts —hinges, rollers, springs, ropes, chains, etc. — which should be maintenance-free to ensure a long run. We, therefore, suggest getting the parts with anti-corrosion finishing that acts as an impregnable barrier against external environmental factors that can harm the device. 

Make sure everything from the brackets to the inner hardware is made from high-end material to guarantee longevity.  So, follow a thorough inspection and examine the manufacturing details well before cashing the unit out.  

Environmental Factors 

Equipment that is meant to stay outside should be strong against environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and wind. Indeed, they are designed with these aforesaid factors in mind, but their ability to stand against them varies, depending on the quality of the material and the types of internal parts. 

It is important that your gadget is designed to withstand extreme temperatures of your area, and this information should be clearly mentioned in the manual — not to mention, it should also be resistant to rain and humidity so that the operators keep working for a long time without needing repairs. 

What’s more, if you are in an area wherein it snows, then you should look for a device that is specially designed to work at extremely low temperatures. 

Safety Features 

What happens when something — a child or an obstacle — comes in the gate’s way? If it is not embedded with sensory technology, it can damage things around or even hurt someone. Look for an electric gate opener that can detect obstacles using IR photo beams. It should sense and reverse itself automatically if there is something in the way. 

Moreover, the device should also come with an emergency setting, allowing you to open or close the gate in case of power shutdowns. Make sure that your device comes with all these safety features and should not compromise on any one of them to ensure maximum security.