Drawing the day to a close-by getting into bed for some much-needed sleep is possibly the moment most people look forward to most. As much as your bed portends good things and its primary function is to provide a space where you can obtain some rest, having the right kind of bed can serve a greater purpose in the long run. Selecting this bed must take into account the overall room as a whole.

Your bed is the centrepiece of the room, hence the term ‘bedroom’. In choosing the right bed for your bedroom, consider the following factors so that you may have the best chance of ending up with the best possible choice.


Beds come in many sizes, ranging from small single beds to large and extra-large California King Size beds and even larger custom made ones. The size of the bed you select must be proportional to the size of the room in which it will be placed. A large bed will take up too much space in a small room while a small bed will look odd and disproportionate in a large room. It is wise to take measurements of your bedroom before making your way to the furniture store to take a look at what is on offer.


The material used in the making of the bed speaks mostly to individual taste. While some prefer the more traditional wooden frames, others are drawn towards metal frames for a more modern aesthetic. Others still prefer to make use of box springs that do not have a frame at all. Every material has specific pros and cons that should be considered as you make your choice.


The style of the bed can dictate the overall décor used in the room. As the bed is the central piece in the space, it can be used as a focal point for the rest of the decorative elements in the room. Using the bed as the main piece, or merely ensuring that everything matches up correctly to establish a theme can have a powerful effect on the final look of the room.


It may seem insignificant, but the colour of your bed counts. Other than bringing together the feel of a room, it has been shown that beds that have been put together with more muted colouring are better aids in fostering sleep. Bright colours tend to be stimulating to the senses, which do not encourage the body’s systems to slow and begin to settle for rest.


A good bed must endure the test of time. While not in use as often as other pieces of household furniture, you must still be able to make use of your bed for a significant period after purchase. The main reason behind this is simply value for money. A bed costs a considerable amount of money, thus must be able to withstand prolonged use to prove its value.

Take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect bed for your bedroom by merely keeping the factors presented above in mind as you make the trip to your local furniture showroom. Your sleep will be transformed into an experience that will have you feeling rejuvenated as you face the day.