Having a stainless steel countertop installed in your kitchen is a whole different experience from wood or granite. This kind of material is heatproof, has a nice visual touch, and is also really durable (if you treat it right, of course). Stainless steel is easy to clean, but mind abrasive materials and substances, if you want to keep your kitchen both tidy and shining.

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This kind of countertops is more common in commercial kitchens, so get ready to not only clean that shiny surface, but also sanitize it — it’s a public health concern, thus it should be done properly. Luckily, stainless steel, unlike wood or granite, is perfect for providing a sterile surface to carry your cooking at.

Cleaning your countertop the right way

The procedure itself isn’t rocket science, but you have to prepare everything you need to make it simple and fast:

  • a few microfiber cloths;
  • nylon pad for scrubbing;
  • dish soap or another appropriate detergent;
  • warm water.

Make the cloth damp with water and wipe the surface. If there are any food stains, you might want to use dish soap for better results. For visible grease, food, or other stains, use the scrubbing surface of the nylon pad to get rid of them. Be gentle in your movements to make sure you don’t leave scratches — scrub locally in one direction with the material’s grain. After you’re done with stains, wipe the surface with water again and use a food-safe sanitizer. Don’t leave the countertop damp — dry it with a paper towel or dish towel in the direction of the grain.

For cleaning corners and out of reach areas, we suggest you use soft only brushes. You can use them for dry cleaning, but washing said areas with a damp brush is a thing, too — just make sure you use the soft one, not a toothbrush or the one for painting the walls.

Keep it clean for long

To prolong results and maintain your countertop in the best condition for as long as possible, we suggest you these tips:

  • avoid abrasive brushes, towels, and brushes — they damage the coating of the steel, leaving it without anti-corrosion qualities;
  • don’t leave the surface damp — use a paper towel or dry microfiber cloth to wipe the rest of the moisture;
  • try to avoid hard water — installing a water softening system might also benefit you in haircare in skincare. Hard water leaves stains if not wiped, which additionally requires more frequent cleaning.

Stainless steel countertops look awesome! If you take good care of them, your kitchen will stay tidy and shiny for long, so don’t forget to clean your countertops the right way. To make sure every dish is cooked in a safe environment, use sanitizer before starting a new dish.