With summer just around the corner, a pool is all you need to relax and lay off the steam. Having a pool at home makes the fun last even longer. However, with a pool comes a great responsibility of keeping it clean and clear. You need certain tools and products to keep the water clean. 1st Direct Pools have a variety of equipment to help you keep your pool clean. Chemicals are used to keep the pool clean as well but they are a bit harsh on the skin. Chemicals can also cause irritability. There are many chemical-free options available to keep your pool clean naturally. Continue reading to find out! 

Add salt instead of chlorine

This may seem odd but give it a try. We all know chlorine is important for every swimming pool. What most people do not know is that chlorine is also dangerous. Especially if added in high amounts. You can easily get itchy skin and red eyes if you swim too long in a pool that has a high concentration of chlorine. It can also lead to allergies in children.

Adding salt to the water will neutralize the harshness of the chemical. The water will feel gentler to your skin. You surely would not have to worry about itching! Salt will also keep the dirt and algae away in a natural way.

Use moss to keep your pool clean

Unlike chlorine, sphagnum moss can float on the water and clean it without making your eyes burn. It is another natural way of cleaning the pool. Moss prevents the debris from sticking to the vents and nearby pipes. It also stops the growth of bacteria in water.

Do not leave the pool exposed when it is not being used

It is best to cover your pool in order to keep it clean. This helps keep the dirt away. Pool covers reduce the need of using chemicals to clean the pool as it is already protected. Use a pool cover that is easy to use. You should be able to pull it on and off using your hand or a reel.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

It’s the twenty-first century. Technology has reached its peak. A machine can easily clean your pool while keeping it chemical-free. A pool cleaner consists of scrubs and brushes that are installed at the bottom. All you have to do is start the machine and keep it on the surface of the pool. It walks along with the pool on its own, cleaning and scrubbing the surfaces. The dirt is absorbed by a vacuum and collects in a filter. When you think the pool is sparkling clean, turn the machine off. Remove the dirt from the filter manually and you’re good to go!

Before buying a robotic pool cleaner, make sure you know the type of surface your pool has. Different cleaners work best on different surfaces. Some cleaners are built to clean only the walls and floor – not the steps. Look into the reviews before buying a robotic cleaner.

A good quality pool cleaner cleans the water and filters it too! Leaving behind a crystal clear pool.

Oxygen pool cleaning technology

This method is a more natural and eco-friendly way of cleaning your pool. This allows pure oxygen to turn into ozone. Ozone is one of the safest ways to get rid of bacteria and viruses in the water. You can look into ozone systems from stores and do it yourself or you can settle for a company that performs the ozone pool cleaning for your pool.

Use a leaf skimmer

This is a straightforward task but it has to be done repeatedly. A leaf skimmer can pick up a bunch of leaves at a time. For best results, skimming should be done daily. While you’re at it, scrub the sides of the pool to prevent algae build-up too. Thankfully, this can be done once or twice a week.

Maintain the pool filter

Your pool’s filter plays the biggest role in keeping your pool clean. Filters work by removing the dirt and debris from the water. First, turn off the filter and remove the filter cap from the surface of the pool. Take out the filter basket and discard the dirt and debris. Repeat the process at least once a week for best results.  

The pipes leading to the filter also need cleaning once a month. Follow these steps to get it done:

  1.       An easy way to do so is by setting the filter system to backwash.
  2.       Next, take out the basket and remove the litter.
  3.       Turn on the pump.
  4.       Wait until clear water comes out from the pipe.

Add plants

Green, leafy plants not only appeal to the eye but also keep your pool fresh and healthy. Plants give off oxygen. This oxygen in the pool water can lead to the growth of good bacteria. Such good bacteria feed on algae and other materials. Imagine getting rid of all the algae by just placing some plants around your pool!

Alter the pH of the pool naturally

Anything extreme is bad. The same goes for the pH of the pool. If the pH drops too low, the pipes can corrode and irritate the swimmers. Add borax to the water if the pH is too low. Borax is made from a natural mineral and easily available in the market.

If the pH goes very high, the pool sanitizers do not perform their function well. Baking soda is known to cause a drop in the pH. Add it to the water if the pH is too high.

Take a shower before stepping into the pool

As tempting as it may seem to jump into a pool after a long tiring day, you must take a shower before stepping into a clean pool. It is a natural phenomenon that our bodies leave off essential oils when we get into the water. Showering before going into the pool prevents the stripping off of these oils and depositing in the pool. It’s the least you could do to keep your pool clean!