Do you want to create a deck for your backyard but waiting for the best time? Well! It is a great time to get started so that you can enjoy summer and spring weather.

“The best form of relaxing is taking on new projects for the house.” – Anonymous

Yes, this is right. You can make your home appealing by adding something new. There are a few things to consider: every designer, contractor, and homeowner needs to validate that they build a beautiful and safe deck. Here, we are offering the best expert advice for creating a deck.

Deck Safety

Safety comes first, and it is always a huge concern, primarily if the deck is raised off the ground. That’s right while you are trying to create a deck from scratch or repair an old one.

If you are thinking of fixing up an old deck because it is an economical option, you may see structural damage or rotted deck footing after close inspection. In this case, the new deck placed on the top can be compromised, which can be a significant threat. When it comes to talking about safety, designing a new deck is the best option. It may cost you a bit more, but of course, you cannot compromise on safety.

Materials and Tools

After considering all the aspects, let’s talk about what materials you will need to create a deck for your backyard.

  • 8-foot ling 2 x 8 pressure-treated boards 8
  • 12-foot long 2 x 8 pressure-treated boards 6
  • 3 – ½” saddles 8
  • Joist hangers 70
  • Circular saw
  • Chalk line
  • Line Level
  • Hammer
  • Cordless drill with magnetic screw tip and battery
  • Palm nailer
  • Measuring tape
  • Posthole diggers
  • Pencil
  • Safety gloves
  • Power miter box
  • Shovels
  • String line

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Deck in the Backyard

After collecting all the materials, let’s move towards creating/building a deck. Follow the below-listed steps to make the best deck for your home.

  • With the help of stakes and a mason string line, layout the deck perimeter. This project was 24 feet long by 12 feet wide. Try to level the strings so that you can easily measure the baseline.
  • For concrete footers, dig eight holes. The hole should be 24-inch deep, having a 12-inch diameter at each corner and eight feet from every turn along the long side.
  • Drop-in a Sonotube (10-inch diameter and 22-inch long) and level it. To set the height of the tube, you can measure it down from the string line. It is significant to keep the top on a level as you will be setting the board on the concrete directly.
  • Put concrete in each hole and add water to blend it in the hole. There is no need to mix water and concrete before pouring it into the hole. At the top of the tube, level the concrete, and set a metal saddle in every footer.
  • Wait half an hour so that the concrete can set up quickly. During the waiting period, start pulling the string line and cut the joists to make an equal length.
  • Cut the band boards (12-feet long to 2 x 8) and set them along the short end. From the corner to the first saddle, run an 8-foot 2 x 8 down one side. Do the same on the opposite end. To fit between the first two 8-foot 2 x 8s, cut the third 2 x 8 along the side. It will help if you have a perimeter of 12 by 24-feet and a 12-foot 2 x 8 on every end and a run of three 2 x 8s up each side.
  • Set the inner beams into the already set saddles.
  • At this step, nail the end bands to double inner beams.
  • On the next set of saddles, set the same. Now, there should be an end band of 12-foot, two double inner beams (12-foot), and another end band of 12-foot. Along each side, you must have 22-feet of 2 x 8.
  • Now, between the inner beams, add 8-foot joists on 16-inch centers. Do not overlook the joist hangers.
  • After that, add the decking. Make sure that it runs about 2-inches long on each end.
  • When all the decking is down, draw a chalk line. Cut the ends with the help of a circular saw. You can use the spacer blocks to leave a gap of ¼-inch between the boards.
  • After installing the main deck floor, you can attach stairs and railing if required.

Still, if you are confused about the process or selection of tools and materials, you can take help from any backyard remodeling and beautification company.

Maintaining a Deck

If you prefer a natural wood deck, you must know that they need more regular maintenance. But it does not mean that the decks made of composite materials or plastic can be overlooked. The wood decks can be sanded and scrubbed when required and painted or stained regularly. It is easy to wash the plastic decks, and any twisting or warping boards can be repaired immediately.

The Verdict

So, following the above-listed steps, you can easily create a deck for your backyard. To make the deck as comfortable as home, you can build a cover, add a sound system, and upgrade outdoor furniture.