Your bedroom… You want it to be your sanctuary, where you take refuge from the world. Serene. Relaxing and soothing. That calming place where you come after a busy and stressful day, trying to rest and restore your energies, and drift in a blissful sleep. Unfortunately, in this agitated, hurried, and frowning world, it’s not so easy to set up a peaceful place. But it’s also not impossible.  

First, you must understand that a “tranquil bedroom” is more than a space characterized by the absence of any light and sound. It’s rather a space where you mix and combine all the soothing and relaxing elements to create a truly relaxing retreat. 

Basically, for setting a relaxing bedroom, you should consider the following:

  • Use soft color schemes, such as light shades of blue, gray, green, or lavender
  • Eliminate any clutter 
  • Try to keep the furniture as simple as you can, without any exaggerated decorations 
  • Use soft round edges, instead of the straight sharp ones
  • Show up your personality: a peaceful bedroom is not flashy or dramatic. But for sure, it’s also not boring, insignificant or without interest, either. So, try to use your personality when decorating this room, but without shouting.
  • And the last on the list, but at the same time the most important, the light. Lighting is an art – it can enhance or destroy an ambient. Therefore, you need to balance a wide range of needs to get a practical and beautiful bedroom lighting arrangement.

Fortunately, the light is also the easiest to change when you redecorate your bedroom. So, instead of using just one center chandelier with bright light, replace it with more lamps, having different purposes, intensities, and heights, and turn on only those you need at any specific time. 

For creating the best relaxing atmosphere with lights, use lamps with adjustable brightness and different lighting modes. For example, the Moon Lamp by GalaxyLamps lets you customize your lighting. Excepting that the lamp itself is an art object when turned off, it is a perfect lighting source due to its many features.

It is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, using original high-quality images of the real light ball in the sky. Therefore, if you are a space enthusiast or just want to have the moon closer to your bed, using the Moon Lamp as side lamps in your bedroom should be your choice. When turned on, it is more spectacular. You can choose between the two colors and the three lighting modes and also adjust its brightness with just a touch of your finger.  

As mentioned before, when decorating the bedroom as an oasis of serenity, it’s always a good idea to express your personality. And if you love to relax under a starry sky while listening to your favorite music, you can choose the Galaxy Projector. A futuristic lighting device that fills your space with amazing spotlights. 

It not only projects an entire universe of beautiful constellations, magical nebulae, and wonderful ocean waves inside of your home. But it also has a 360° rotating dynamic projection, unlimited color options, and numerous lighting modes, so you can set it as you like. The best part? As it comes with its own smart app integration, you can control it with your voice, by using Alexa and Google Assistant. This way, you can control the rotation speed, adjust the intensity of the main scene and of the stars separately, set timers and schedules, and much more, without moving from your cozy spot!   

The best part with both lighting devices is that each of them takes minutes to install and is really intuitive to use. 

And not only that. Combined with other lighting systems, they will help your bedroom look wonderful and comfortable at any time of the day and night. In addition, they will provide you with the right light at the right time, leading you to a world of relaxation and dreaming. And finally, the lighting control options and programmable features make it easier to set the time of starting and the limit in the night, and the mood in between.