As one of the rooms in your home that sees the most traffic and is used by the most people, your living room needs to be able to accommodate quite a lot. Whether you are in the habit of holding family movie nights a few times a week or if the living room is simply where people tend to congregate on a daily basis, the space itself must be functional enough to be able to handle anything.

One of the things that can really get in the way of the functionality of a living space is the amount of usable room that is available. If you have been feeling lately as though there is hardly enough space to navigate properly around the room or if things are just simply becoming overcrowded, you might think that knocking down a wall or two is your only option.

Thankfully, there are some simple and realistic ways in which you can create more space in your living room that aren’t quite as drastic as that. With some smart maneuvering and creativity, you can find yourself with more space in your living room than you had thought possible.

Rethink Your Furniture

Generally speaking, the first thing that you will need to address when you are looking to create more space in your living room is the furniture that you have in the space. Furthermore, the layout and arrangement of your furniture is also likely playing a key role in the amount of space that you have. 

Start by seeing if there is anything that can go. Bulky pieces that have been placed in the corner of the room simply because you didn’t know what else to do with them probably aren’t necessary to the functionality of the room. You can also consider switching out furniture pieces for ones that pull double duty as storage options. 

Lastly, if the sofa you have is taking up too much space in your living room, you should look into upgrading to a modular sofa. These sofas can help give you the amount of comfortable seating that you need in such a way that uses space efficiently as opposed to being overbearing.

Use the Walls

When you have all of your furniture simply placed on the floor, you are losing a few inches of space in your living room for each piece. While there are certainly some items that can’t be mounted on a wall, others, like a floating TV console, for instance, can be. By mounting your TV console to the wall instead of setting it on the floor, you can not only create more space but also add in an interesting design feature.

You should also opt for floating shelves instead of bulky bookcases. You will still have all of the storage and display space that you want without having all of your floor space accounted for. This approach will instantly make the space appear less crowded and more open.