The kitchen is one of the most clustered rooms in a home. This is because the kitchen is always busy, and it stores so many things that one can’t even keep count. Whether it’s cutlery, dishes, spices, your favorite cereal, coffee jars, diet supplements, mugs, cookbooks, aprons, and oven, everything goes in the kitchen. Besides that, you also have to make space for a refrigerator and a water cooler, if needed. With so many appliances and crockery stored away in the kitchen, it can become hard to declutter and arrange things neatly.

However, arranging things in your kitchen can become a simple task if you know the right way to organize items in your kitchen. Recipe books or cookbooks do not take a lot of space, but they can make the kitchen look messier if not placed in the right place and in the right way. Before moving on to methods to store recipe books in your kitchen, you should know the storage space should be easily accessible for you so that you can take a look at the book and get to your cooking.

1. Hanging Basket:

You can store your books in a classy vintage basket, usually made of metal. You can neatly arrange the recipe books in the basket. Hammer a nail into the wall at your desired spot and hang the basket on the nails. It will not only look beautiful but will also save space.

2. Minimalistic Shelf:

Get a minimalistic wall shelf that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen without taking up too much space. Place all your recipe books on the shelves and reach them whenever you like.

3. Multipurpose Kitchen Shelf:

If a minimalistic shelf doesn’t work for you, you can get yourself a multipurpose shelf that comes with storage space, an empty top compartment, and hooks for hanging aprons, washcloths, or spoons. You can also use these hooks to hang grocery bags that you empty in your kitchen.

4. Mini shelves on Cabinets:

If you find it hard to get any space on your walls, you can try the sides of your cabinets. Simply place a small shelf at your cabinets’ sides and put your favorite recipe books right there.

5. Use a Crate:

A wooden crate can also be a great storage space for storing recipe books and food magazines. All you need to do is find a wooden crate, preferably recycle one. Paint it to your heart’s content, and place all your recipe books and even your favorite audiobooks by your favorite chefs in there. Place the crate on a shelf or inside a cabinet, and it will look just as beautiful as it is handy.


There are many ways to scoop up storage space for your recipe books in a small kitchen. You can do a million DIY ideas available on the internet or buy yourself a simple shelf that will hold your books. But, before you take up a DIY shelf project or go out browsing for one, make sure you’re clear about the size of the shelf you need to avoid problems later on.