There are only some people who are lucky enough to have a fireplace mantel in their home. It takes lots of creativity to decorate or renovate this area. It is possible that some people would wish to decorate or renovate this area for a lifetime, and some others would be interested in decorating these areas on specific occasions such as marriage or any festival.

If you are a person who has time to decorate these areas on your own, you can surely give it a try. There are different preferences of different people to style the fireplace. Some people may like to have bright colors, and others would prefer light colors. You are free to make any choice that you interested in. The best part about decorating the fireplace is that many things required to decorate your fireplace can be found in the house itself.

These are the following ways through which you can decorate your fireplace.


You can style this place using a letter board to give a unique look. The letter board can have a handwritten note or a quote to give it an enhanced and a witty look. To welcome your guests joyfully, it is best to have a fun quote written on the letter board, and by welcoming your relatives or your friends into your home in this way, you can also show your funny side.

To add extra light to your home, then you can also keep lamps and candles. In your room due to which there would be extra light around the corners of your house as well.


You can hang a mirror next to the fireplace mantel, which will give a new look to that area. You can keep that mirror year long to have a lovely look in the entire year. You can also place flowers near that mirror; the flowers you choose may be real or artificial, which can be chosen according to your wish and convenience. There is a choice that you can place a single flower, or you can place a whole bouquet near that.

Mid-century modern look

In the mid century fireplace look, less is more. Therefore you can try to keep the decoration simple yet attractive with fewer efforts. You can just place a small plant and lamp or candle near it to give a mid-century modern look.

By only adding these two items, you can convert your area into a renovated space but in a hassle-free manner.


The decorating space for the mantel can be a difficult task. You can decide to decorate your mantle with the help of garlands. There are only little garlands needed for the festive look of your mantle. Even if you are going to remove the lights and showpieces, these garlands will give that attractive look, which you wished for.

Matching themes

You can decorate your mantels, with the themes that would be matching your room. There would be specific colors or themes that would have been decided for your living room; in that case, you could decorate your fireplace mantel according to your room’s theme.

Jungle look

Many people use different ideas to decorate the fireplace mantle, which would be unique in its own way. Creating a little jungle can give a natural look to the guest who would be arriving at your home. You can place large and small plants in the rooms to give a soothing feeling in the room. By decorating your fireplace mantle in such a manner, it will give a peaceful look, which would be different from the city’s busy life.

By following the above points, you will have different ideas regarding the decoration and the styling of the fireplace mantle.