How to Decorate Old Wood Windows

Windows are more than just a portal to transfer fresh air and light into your home, they are a reminder of the work that went into the building of that home. Wood that was originally used is a natural element that may not be found in modern day homes. However, as much as they are unique, they can become weathered and distressed with age. There are many ways you can modify your old wooden windows to make them look and feel like new.

Most adverts inform people that they need to replace old wood windows and by doing so they will:

  1. Be making a wise financial decision long-term
  2. Save energy
  3. Increase the resale value on their homes if the windows are newer

This is not true. Homes with the original strong wood windows become more valuable with time. Wood windows generally have a lifespan of 50 years. They can be repaired easily; broken parts can be remade, and rotten wood can be treated with epoxy fillers which has been designed for wood window restoration.

In most cases where wood windows must be restored, people have neglected

Them and thus they have deteriorated due to a lack of maintenance. By properly maintaining your windows use window sill and extend their lifespan and looks.

How can you decorate wood windows?

How can you decorate wood windows

  1. Painting them is a good option. You can modify them to a colour that you like and one that suits your home’s current style. Bold colours can make old wood windows more attractive and turn them into the focal point of your home. Be sure to match the room décor with your window colour.
  2. Install a windowsill to add a decorative accent to your windows. This can be painted to match the colour of the window frame and you can display candles or coloured glass pieces that will reflect light. This is a great way of bringing your windows to life again.
  3. Repair damaged windows before they become worse. You will need to treat wooden windows occasionally. This is a vital component to decorating old windows.
  4. Decide which window treatments are ideal for you. You can accessorize windows with blinds, curtains or shutters. You can get creative and choose a piece that will stand out if you want the window to be the focal point of the room. Curtain tie backs are another way to spruce up the look of your windows.
  5. Accents like vinyl decals or wind chimes can be added for an extra personal touch to you home.
  6. Add a decorative item like a stained glass. This can be placed over one section of your window without moving the original window.

decorate wood window
The onus is on homeowners to take an interest in their wood windows, to treat them properly and decorate them as is fitting for your home. Ensure that you keep with the general theme or colour scheme of your home when deciding to decorate them.