Your choice to either buy or sell a home or property is a significant financial decision. Finding a good realtor who will give you the right price and put your property in front of the right people or show you a property that meets your needs is crucial. The Pro Team – Keller Williams Realty are trusted Gainesville realtors who can help you find your home using their qualified real estate agents. Here is a list of things you need to look for when looking for a realtor in Gainesville.

Identify Realtors With A High Number Of Listings And Positive Reviews

A realtor with a considerable amount of listings that supersedes their competition has a competitive advantage over others, making them more attractive to clients. You may not know anyone who has bought or sold through them, but the chances are that many of the existing clients have left ratings on Google, Yelp, the company website, among other sites. There are underlying reasons why buyers and sellers seem to trust them more. Find them by reading the reviews and contacting the company team for queries. 

Reach Out To Relocation Specialists And Your Previous Agents

If you are moving to the Gainesville area, the chances are that you are not conversant with the community and agents. You can have a chat with other agents you have worked with within or outside Gainesville who can refer you to a reliable realtor in the location. Most agents have a strong network of colleagues working in different locations, and such referrals will help to ease your anxiety about finding the right person. Relocation specialists deal with cross-state and cross-country moves and may be familiar with agents from different states, making them a great source of referrals. 

Ask For Referrals From Family And Friends In The Gainesville Area

If you have family or friends who have worked with agents in the area, do not shy away from asking for advice. Their experience, whether negative or positive, will help you make an informed choice about your realtor. If they have a good review, make sure to ask them if they would consider using the same realtor again and see their response. If they would, then go ahead and reach out to that realtor. In case they had a negative experience, ask them for the complaints they raised and other factors they think you should consider when finding an alternative realtor. Resist the temptation to settle for the same ‘bad’ realtor they used because you are pressed for time or eager to find a solution. 

Consider Realtors With Strong Community Values

Sometimes it is best to look beyond the numbers and find a realtor who has strong community values. Gainesville is a small town which makes such values important. Some local realtors may not have many listings, but they know the community well and understand its culture, strengths, and weaknesses. When working with them, this knowledge can help you make informed choices that simplify your living conditions at Gainesville in the short and long term. A quick way to identify such a realtor is to look at their participation in charity work, schools, hospitals, and other community initiatives in the town. 

Find A Realtor Who Matches Your Needs

Before beginning the search for a realtor, identify what you need as a client so that you can match them to potential realtors you come across in your search. For instance, do you need a realtor who takes charge and gets the job done quickly and efficiently without your input? Remember, you may work with your realtor for several months before buying or selling your property, making it best to find a realtor you can connect with naturally. 

You also ask yourself whether you need to sell the property fast or prefer to wait for a buyer who will value your home, among other relevant questions. These will help you narrow down on the realtor who is likely to deliver the desired result within the preferred time frame. 

Finding the right realtor makes the buying and selling process seamless for you as a client, the vice versa is also true. When looking for a realtor in Gainesville, find one who has a strong sense of community, has a high number of listings, and can be referred to as a reliable realtor by family friends. Seek advice and recommendation from your previous agent or a relocation specialist.