Choosing a lawn mower requires you to be highly attentive to details. This device should serve you for a longer time and be suitable for your yard type and physical condition. Purchasing a lawn mower can be quite complicated when you do this online. So, this article is created to give you a piece of advice in this field. Here you will find the description of the main characteristics. But, if you want to discover more, you can visit the BumperCropTimes website. 

Lawn Mower Types

The two leading lawn mower types are residential and commercial. Also, commercial devices can be either walk-behind or riding ones. 


Such lawn mowers are best for people who have a small yard, and they don’t need to cut it every day. Most of them are not supplied with highly innovative features. But, their design allows you to mow quickly and easily. Also, they are lighter and quieter than commercial tools. 


Commercial lawn mowers are used to cope with the larger areas. They usually have a more powerful engine and mow the grass much faster than residential ones. 

You can choose between the walk-behind and riding mowers. You should push the first type – however, it’s not highly difficult. The riding tools allow you to sit on them while cutting the grass. They are better if you spend more than half an hour mowing the lawn. 


The most popular lawn mowers are those working on electricity. They are efficient and don’t require a lot of space to store them. However, such mowers are not intended for large areas.

The cordless lawn mowers are more equipped for the big yards. They can work for several hours without stopping. However, cordless devices can cost you a lot more than electric ones. 

Also, you may choose a petrol lawn mower. It has all the features of cordless tools and suits perfectly for cutting in hard-to-reach areas. You should consider that such devices require a little more supervision. 

Cutting Weight and Height

In most cases, lawn mowers allow you to regulate the cutting height but not the weight. So, you need to purchase a device that has a fitting deck for your yard size. If you have a small lawn, the 20-22 inches mower deck will be great. The larger area you have, the larger mower you need. The deck size can even reach 45 inches if you need your work to be done quickly. Of course, you should also consider how much space you have for the tool storage. 

Make Your Mowing Faster and Easier

Besides the features I have described, there are also other functions. If you want to learn more about them, you should visit the BumperCropTimes site. Now, you are more aware of the garden tools, and I think you will find the best lawn mower for sure. This device will make the grass cutting a lot faster and more pleasant, especially if it has the right features.