If you have recently purchased a piece of property with a home you need to demolish to begin building your new one, you are likely going to need a permit. For example, if there are any structures that are on that property that are going to be knocked down, and subsequently removed from that lot, this is where you going to need one. The same is true for any other structures that are on that property, you will need a permit which will cover everything. The only time you do not need a permit is if you are knocking down a smaller structure such as a small garage or shed, porches, decks, or any type of interior demolition where you are doing a remodeling project. Here is how you can get a permit to demolish a house that is the first step toward building your new one.

Why Many People Choose To Demolish A Home

Why Many People Choose To Demolish A Home
The most common reason for demolishing a home is that you are going to build a new one in its place. However, there may have been substantial damage prompting its removal. This could be as a result of fire, flood, or some other natural disaster that allows you to get insurance money to rebuild your home from scratch. If you have decided to do this, here is the first step that you need to take.

Go To Your Local County Courthouse Or Building Department

Go To Your Local County Courthouse Or Building Department
Depending upon the country that you are in, or the state you are in, you will need to get that specific permit for building demolitions. You will simply tell them where your property is, they will look up that specific lot, and then they will provide you with a demolition permit for that lot for the specific type of demolition that you are going to be doing. You need to specify which structures are going to be demolished, and that is what the permit will before. You will pay the fee, and they will subsequently hand you a permit that you can use to demolish an existing home.

What Do You Need To Do Before You Get The Permit?

What Do You Need To Do Before You Get The Permit
There are several things that must be done before you get a permit to demolish a house. First of all, you need to complete what is called a building permit application. In this particular case, you would check the sections signifying that this is for demolition. This will be submitted to your local building department. If this is a substantial structure, usually more than 2500 ft.², you must also submit what is called a grading plan. You must also show that you have turned off all of the utilities, completed a plumbing permit if there is a septic tank, and you must have a bond in place which is used in case there are unforeseen problems.

Does It Take Very Long To Get The Permit?

Does It Take Very Long To Get The Permit
Getting the permit could be as soon just just a few minutes if you are going to the building department directly. However, if you submit all of the information that has been mentioned, it may take a week or more for them to send it to you. If you are in a large city, you can expect delays simply because there are so many demolition projects that are likely going on at the same time throughout the city.

Now that you know how to get a permit to demolish a house, you can do all of the preparatory work that will be necessary. Once this is turned in, and you have completed your building permit application, the building department will issue your permit. As long as everything checks out according to the inspection, and your paperwork is in order, there should be no complications. It will be that easy to get the permit that you will need to demolish a home on a property that you own.