Utilizing the circular saw to your advantage is not a matter of joke. We all pretty much own some tools or other, but how to use them wisely is not something we all know. A Circular saw is one such essential tool in the woodworking industry, which is probably the commonest. There are many ways to use this, but choosing the right way is not that easy. One does need to do good research about the cutting tool. 

According to an expert of our site, we are sharing some of the best tips that you would love to execute. Actually, this guide by Tool Advisor is a professional himself with immense experience in working with circular saws and many other woodworking tools. 

6 Excellent Tips for Using Circular Saw

The following tips include every possible step of using a circular saw. From its placement to its operation and follow-up procedures, everything is supposed to be picture-perfect. 

Saw Position 

There is something called position or rather the placement to use this saw. It has blades, so you have to be careful enough so that there are no injuries. Set the position of the saw in a way where cutting becomes easy and takes less amount of time. Also, from your end, you have to ensure that there is as less of manual stress as possible because the saw is supposed to work, not you. 

Blade Position 

The blade position is also important because it sets the cutting motion right. You have to see if the blade is in a comfortable position, then you may start after tightening the knob. Make sure there are no loose objects near it, apart from the cutting platform. 

Well-adjusted Wood Particles

There are many wood particles that fall freely all around the cutting zone. Those should have open space to fly away; otherwise, those can attack your eyes. Make sure you have all the settings nearby. 

Support the Wood Base

If you wish to cut a wooden base or plywood, then you have to make sure that the base or platform is well-supported; else, the cutting experience can be dangerous. Because if you don’t, then make sure you have a couple of support under the base. This will prevent abrupt cutting of the wooden thing. 

Rip-Cut Measure

Many people think that there is no way you can use a circular saw for rip cuts. This is actually wrong because you can use a circular saw for this. But you have to secure the wooden platform first, and then only you can go on making rip cuts. Don’t forget to use your index finger for the process because that is commonly believed to be the guide in this method. It is just that the work gets done easily if you know how to use the index finger.

Taking Safety Precaution 

This is a very common thing for any of the work done. Such cutting things need proper precautions – without it, an accident might happen at any time. From eyewear to hand gloves, whatever you require, please follow. 

Thus, these are the basic things, and there is nothing that you can skip. Also, there are some situational things. For example, if there is any mistake or similar unplanned events, you are allowed to undo and redo the thing. 

Similarly, we have mentioned that a support base is required. However, that doesn’t mean you have to provide excess support because if there is any wooden base with all sorts of supports, it might be difficult to use the saw. 


There is no denial of the safety concern of the circular saw. Anything that has a blade is dangerous to play with. So, make sure you are not running out of time and safety gear. Take your time and use the saw as per your requirements. The blades need to be sharp enough to work smoothly. 

There is nothing more important than your concentration and safety. Take precautions and practice well before performing with the saw. It is nothing new; people use it very frequently, but if you follow the tips, it has to be a superfast affair.