When that time of year comes around there will be many people thinking of the cleaning they will have to do and what they’re going to tackle first. Most will have this in mind before spring cleaning pops up but there are others that will leave it to last minute. Either way, it’s important to keep your home tidy for a number of reasons that include mental and physical health. Throughout this article, we are going to take a look at some ways in which you can keep your house tidy whilst spring cleaning.

Declutter First

When it comes to cleaning your home for the first time in a while you might find that there is some unwanted junk around the house. This can be anything from your partner’s shoes piling up in the hallway to a stack of magazines you haven’t read in 6 months. The main aim is to head around the house before tackling it with the cleaning products and clear anything that might get in your way. Everything back to their places! The reason we do this at once is you save time, in the long run, clearing everything away first. Going around the room by room and clearing it before cleaning will waste time as you’ll have to stop what you’re doing and restart the whole process again. When cleaning it’s better to do everything at once.

A Proper Clear-Out

It’s all well and good having a quick tidy around the house but if you want the full effects of a deep clean then having a good old fashioned clear out is the best way. In this situation, it’s best to hire a decent Dumpster Company so you have somewhere you can throw everything you don’t want any more. Clearing out old junk and anything that doesn’t work will create huge amounts of space, and not just to fill again! You may find that with fewer appliances or bits of furniture you have a space that’s much easier to maintain in regards to cleanliness but also somewhere that’s nicer to be. The ease of having a dumpster outside will remove any negative feelings you have towards getting rid of the trash as you know it’s going to be disposed of legally and sensibly and on top of everything else it saves you multiple trips to the dump.

Do Things In Stages

One of the best cleaning tips I ever received was to ensure I’m doing everything at once and not room by room. For example, the vacuum cleaning. Once the entire house is clear of rubbish and junk every floor in the house will be ready for a good clean. Getting everything done at once will be much quicker than going to one room, decluttering it, vacuuming it, and moving on to the next to start again. Another good example is when you’re cleaning surfaces in rooms containing toilets, baths, and sinks. Start at the bottom of the house and put your cleaning solution on everything that requires it, and move on to the next room and do the same thing. Slowly work your way through the house and once you’ve reached the top the first thing you put a cleaning solution on will be ready for a scrub and a rinse. Some solutions take time to settle in and work on getting the dirt out so giving it time whilst not wasting any is a perfect way. Another great tip would be if you’re thinking of cleaning your oven, get the solution in there straight away and let it work it’s magic whilst cleaning the rest of the house.

Keep On Top Of It

Waiting around all year for a big clean is certainly one way of doing it, but is it beneficial? Well, you may be thinking that one or two days of cleaning is better than every week but in reality, you will probably spend more time cleaning over those two days than if you just went over things a few times a week. It doesn’t have to be a deep clean every day, but wiping down the surfaces and bleaching the toilet will allow any deep clean to be much faster when you get round to it. Keep on top of things, it makes it quicker!

Keeping your house tidy is a must when it comes to being healthy. There are so many conditions that can come from dust or pollen inside the home which include things like asthma. Keeping on top of it has never been easier with the cleaning products on offer these days so don’t put yourself at risk, de-junk your home and live cleaner!