Building a carport is an excellent idea for many reasons. If will help to preserve the paint on your car, keeping it hidden from the wind, rain, and bright sun. It can help you stay safe from the elements each time you get in and out of your car. No one wants to stand in the rain while entering or exiting their car. A carport is also excellent if you unload precious cargo that you don’t want to be exposed to the weather. Even groceries, for example, are sensitive to becoming damaged by heavy rains or wind if you don’t have a carport to stand under. While there are many benefits to owning a carport, there are also some drawbacks if you don’t properly secure them. Due to the fact that carports are typically open-air structures, they are easy targets for would-be car thieves. In the following article, we’ll walk you through some great ideas on how to strengthen the security of your carport.

7 Ways to Make a Strong Carport to Prevent Carnapping

Flood Lights With Motion Sensors
1. Flood Lights With Motion Sensors – Light is one of the least favorite things of would-be thieves. Thieves, especially carnappers, tend to do their dirty work in darkness. That is impossible to do, however, if you have really bright floodlights with motion sensors. The moment a would-be thief approaches your carport, the affixed floodlights will be triggered, flooding them with bright blinding light. Some studies suggest that simple flood lights with motion sensors can reduce theft rates by as much as 80 percent. Steeline Garages Sunshine Coast can not only build your carport for you, but they can also secure it using the latest anti-theft technology.

2. Have Security Cameras Installed – These days it is extremely cheap to install camera surveillance devices on or near a carport. These cameras can stream data to a remote server, making it impossible for a would-be thief to remove their identifying image from the recording device once it has been captured. After digital cameras are installed, it is a good idea to post a sign near the carport or elsewhere on your property to let a would-be thief know that digital cameras are monitoring the property 24/7. Studies have shown that security cameras can deter would-be thieves by up to 90 percent.

3. Build a Secure Fence – Another great way to keep your car safe within your carport is to build a tall fence around the area. If the fence is tall enough and uses slate materials that you cannot see through, then potential thieves won’t even know what is stored in your carport to start with. It should be noted, however, that if you do wrap a carport with a fence, then you should absolutely be sure to have security cameras running nearby, as a fenced in carport can give thieves the opportunity to steal your car while remaining completely hidden from view. All they have to do is hop over the fence and then they can steal your vehicle with ease if other security elements are not in place.
Use Combination Padlocks
4. Use Combination Padlocks – If your carport is completely sealed off, then always be sure to use a combination padlock on the carport gate. Simple key based locks can be easily picked by a skilled thief, allowing them easy access to your automobile. If a prospective thief sees a strong ironclad padlock dangling from the gate, then chances are high that they won’t even bother attempting to penetrate the carport enclosure. When buying a padlock, choose a reputable brand known for its durable and secure products. Shoddy padlocks made by unknown brands can be poorly constructed and much easier to break than locks made by reputable brands.

5. Own a Dog – If you own a dog, let them roam near your carport, especially at night. Dogs have a tremendous sense of smell and hearing, allowing them to spot and bark at would be thieves. If your dog is big and intimidating, then there is very little chance the thieves will attempt to enter your carport. Even a little but loud barking dog can act as an extreme deterrent to a would-be thief, as they will alert homeowners to the knowledge of an intruder very quickly. If you decide to buy a dog with home security in mind, then be sure to thoroughly research the most ideal dog breeds available for home protection, as some dog breeds are better than others.

6. Build Your Carport Within View of a Window – Often times the location where you decide to construct your carport is very important. If, for example, you build your carport so that it is within view of a window on your home, then it is far easier to keep an eye on your car. Thieves will notice that the carport is within the line of sight of your house and immediately decide to steer clear of it. It should be noted, however, to always make sure that the carport itself doesn’t create a hidden area for a would-be thief to conceal themselves while breaking into your home. Position your carport so that it’s open and within the line of sight of your house, the street, and even your neighbors’ houses.
Use Solid Building Materials
7. Use Solid Building Materials – If your carport is walled in then always be sure to use durable and solid building materials. Never wall your carport in with thin metal siding that a would-be thief could easily cut through with sheet metal cutters or other cheap tools. Rather, always be sure to use metal sheeting, wood, or other materials that would pose far too great a deterrent for a would-be thief to even attempt to break through it. When it comes to deterring thieves, the golden rule is to always create a deterrent, as that is most of the battle right there. Most deterrents can reduce the chances of your car being stolen out of your carport by up to 95 percent, especially if you have more than one security measure working together in tandem.