Every new parent thinks that they won’t be able to decorate the house the way they like until the children are grown up and gone to college.

But you don’t have to do that, here are a few ways using which you can keep things you like in your house without having to worry about the kids.


Don’t hesitate on getting the light color couch that matches your lounge interior theme. You can simply place a slipcover over the sofa which is the same color as of the sofa. Now even if a child drops or spills things it can be easily washed off and your sofa will never be dirty.

Keep electric devices safe

electric devices safe
Now every house has Ipads, mobiles, and computers but parents are always scared of keeping them out in the open because children can access them. Now you don’t have to worry about children being exposed to the right things. Parental phone tracker app like Famisafe will ensure that your child is always safe using these devices.

Weathered wooden tables

You can replace the glass coffee tables with weathered wooden tables. With this the parents won’t have to worry all the time and the kids can use the table to do crafts and homework.

Wooden Baskets

Now using plastic baskets for storing kids’ toys looks horrendous but you can replace them with wooden baskets. You can even label those wooden baskets and keep them safely tucked on shelves.

Keep your house electric safe

Children are natural explorers who like to see and touch everything in their reach – you really can’t stop them. Hence you should get safety switches which will automatically switch off all lights in case of electrocution. Also if there are any word out wires and switches don’t delay in getting them fixed or removed.

Make the pool safe

Make the pool safe
You don’t necessarily have to close down the pool. You can simply place a fence around the pool which will prevent their entrance to the pool in your absence.

Keep the decorative pieces in trays

If you like the house to be decorated with small pieces you can still do that even in toddlers’ presence. Just simply put the decorative pieces in a fancy tray. The advantage of doing that is that they can be easily removed in one swoop. Also, this way your child will learn how to be careful around things and listen to the word no and act on it.

Use fake plants

Instead of using real indoor plants you can use fake indoor plants. The reason for fake plants being that the parents often don’t get the time to look after the plant and also the adolescent can mistakenly consume plant without knowing the hazards (some plants are poisonous too)

Dark paint on walls and doors

The little munchkins like to touch everything and sometimes even with their dirty hands. So if you don’t like to see handprints on your doors and walls you should choose a dark color for them with a baby in the house.

Parenting does mean giving sacrifices but it does not mean you forget your wishes and dreams. With these little tweaks, you can have your house looking good and be safe for the young ones.

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