How to Make Your Backyard Look Like a Dream Oasis

This year has been unlike any other before. Coronavirus has kept us all locked in our houses. Summer vacations and weekend getaways, something that we were all so used to and often took for granted, have become blurred memories. The way things are going, next year appears to be riddled with travel restrictions as well. Though traveling to your favorite holiday destination may not be feasible, nothing is stopping you from turning your backyard into one. If you have a backyard, big or small, with a little effort, you could convert it into a relaxing and scenic retreat. Landscaping your backyard can seem like a daunting task at first, but once you set the ball rolling, things start to fall into place. The benefit of converting your backyard into a dream oasis isn’t limited to letting you kick back on a nice day and relax. It can significantly boost the value of your property.

Read on to find out how you can make your backyard look like a dream oasis.

Build a Pool

It goes without saying that to make your backyard look like a dream oasis, you need a pool. But having a pool does not mean you need a full-blown swimming pool. A swimming pool would be nice to have, but it can be expensive and requires a lot of space. Further, a chlorinated swimming pool is not sustainable and it would be better to make a natural pool. Natural pools, unlike conventional swimming pools, do not use chlorine to treat the water. Instead, they use a smaller pool called a regeneration pool which uses gravel based filters and aquatic plants that clean the water. Such pools can be designed to look like natural bodies of water and would add to the character of your backyard. Of course, conventional swimming pools could also be designed to mimic natural water bodies, but natural pools don’t just look the part, they are the real deal.

If your budget or space constraints, however, do not afford you the luxury of a proper swimming pool, you could build a smaller natural pond with the same concept of a natural pool. But having a body of water, albeit small, is essential to giving your backyard the look of an oasis. You could also add fishes to the pond. If you want to go all the way, a small waterfall over some rocks at the edge of the pool could raise the bar and add to the charm. Small ponds like these could also be used to create a water garden and you could grow aquatic plants and flowers like the lotus.

Flowers and Potted Plants

The more the colors, the merrier. You should grow plants with colorful flowers in your backyard. You could have a flower bed running along with the fencing of your backyard. Flowers will make your backyard beautiful and welcoming. You could also grow plants like echinacea and lavender that attract butterflies. However, to ensure good growth of your plants you need to make sure that they receive enough sunlight. Overgrown trees in your backyard can stop sunlight from reaching your plants. That said, it is important to cut down some branches so that your plants can get adequate sunlight. Sunlight is important not just for your plants, but also for your pool, which would be the centerpiece of your backyard oasis. The experts at suggest that for such an activity it is important to seek the assistance of a certified arborist. Hiring an inexperienced tree company could cause harm to your property and loved ones.

You should also place potted plants in different locations. They don’t have to be plants that flower. Palm trees and crotons are easy to look after and last for years. A nice touch would be to have bougainvillea in one of the corners of your backyard.

Build a Deck

Adding a deck to your backyard could completely change its look and feel. The deck could be an extension of your house or could be built separately. You could also have the deck extend all the way to the edge of the pool or built separately next to the poll. It would make for a very relaxing spot. Giving the deck a raw and unpolished finish would add to the charm and would let it blend in with the natural setting. If you get strong sunlight in your region, you may want to partly cover the deck for some shade. You could set up a barbeque on the deck along with some laid back and cozy furniture for those rare but precious family get-togethers. However, building a deck may require a permit and before you construct a deck, it is important that you consult the local authorities and get the required approval.

Gravel Path

You should provide your backyard oasis with a path to walk through. A gravel path cutting across the grass would not only make it convenient to walk on during a rainy day but also add to its beauty. A gravel path would fit in better than a concrete, brick, or tiled walkway and would also be significantly cheaper.

A Firepit

Chances are that a fire pit will not be allowed in your locality. But if you are allowed to have one, you should definitely go for it. Making a fire pit is quite easy. All you need is some gravel, bricks, a metal fire pit ring, and some basic gardening tools like a shovel or a mattock. A fire pit with the reflection of the dancing flame in your pool would be the perfect accessory to your barbeque nights with your friends and family. The fire pit should be deep and wide enough to ensure that the flames do not escape. Further, if you have also built a wooden deck, you may want to build the fire pit at a distance from it.

Although a challenging endeavor, turning your backyard into a dream oasis could be a rewarding experience. A project that will pay you dividends for years to come in the form of cherished moments and wonderful memories. At the same time, it will also significantly raise the value of your property. If the project becomes too overwhelming for you, you could always seek the help of a friend or a professional landscape artist.