If working from home was new to you in 2020 due to the global coronavirus pandemic, you probably had to quickly set up a workspace for yourself and try to settle into a new way of doing things. 

Now that months have passed, if you plan to make working from home a long-term setup, it’s vital to ensure the area where you spend so much time is as comfortable as possible.

Comfort will help you to think better, want to be in the space more, and reduce potential physical issues such as eye, back, and neck strain, headaches, and more. Read on for some ways to up the comfort level in your home office in 2021.

Invest in a Stand-Up Desk 

Start with purchasing a stand-up desk so you don’t end up sitting all day long. You can buy a desk that moves manually or electronically or, for a lower price, get a flexible arm or stand product to put on your current desk so you can stand part of the time. It takes some getting used to standing rather than sitting to work, but after a week or two, your body will thank you, and you should start noticing fewer aches and pains. 

Buy an Ergonomic Chair

If you sit down all day and want to keep it that way or plan to alternate between sitting and standing, utilize a quality, ergonomic chair. You might have been making do with a standard dining room chair or a stool up to now, but you’ll be much more comfortable in an office chair designed to mold to your back and be height and lumbar adjustable. This kind of product will help you to work for long hours with more ease. 

Get the Temperature Right

To boost comfort in your office, you want the temperature to be suitable year-round, too. Hopefully, the space you work in has windows you can open in the warmer months to let in a breeze. You may also want to make life better by adding a fan to the room. You can use a simple plug-in option or, for best results, consider buying quiet ceiling fans with lights and a remote so you can change settings without having to interrupt yourself from work. 

Alternatively, you might like to have an HVAC system installed in your office to enjoy an ideal temperature no matter the time of year. Another product to consider is a radiant heater or some other plug-in solution for winter. 

Use an Air Purifier and Bring in Greenery

To be more comfortable in your office space, it pays to bring in an air purifier. Products with HEPA-grade filters will not only help you breathe easier but also mitigate the spread of germs and reduce allergies and asthma. Air purifiers with multiple layers of filtration help capture airborne particles containing things like smoke, odors, and mold. 

Another way to get plenty of oxygen and reduce brain fog is to bring the outside in. Get fresh air from open windows and add some greenery to your workspace. Vibrant potted plants help to add a nice pop of color to the room, too, and are said to help improve mood and aid stress reduction, among other things. 

Ensure There’s Enough Light

Lighting is also critical in a home office. Since the spaces we designate for our jobs tend to be the smallest rooms in a home or tucked into alcoves, basements, etc., they’re often missing large windows to let plenty of natural sunlight in. They typically don’t have a skylight, either. As such, to give your eyes respite and boost your mood, ensure there’s enough light available to you. 

If possible, have a large window or skylight put in, and have your desk put directly under or near this source of illumination. If there isn’t space or budget for these changes, avoid a gloomy setup by utilizing both overhead lighting and lamps. A direct task light is particularly helpful at night

Some other ways to make your home office more comfortable are to get some separation from the rest of the household with a door or partition and add plenty of storage so you’re not always tripping over or looking for needed supplies. Plus, put in carpet or add one or more area rugs to the room for plushness and support on your feet when you’re standing to work. All of these elements add up to a space more conducive to comfort and productivity long term.