Now that you are about to remodel and renovate your kitchen, you will realize how expensive all of this can be. But if you cannot afford an absolute kitchen design overhaul, you may adopt some smart ways to go about decorating this space and making it look lush and expensive. Once you start thinking this way, you will be surprised at how quickly you can give your kitchen a fresh and luxurious appearance in a budget-friendly manner. In this guide, we have a few tips to help you get started with making your kitchen appear luxurious and amazing without becoming a burden on your budget. 

Consider Hardware Upgrades

Pay attention to the large-sized cabinets and drawers in your kitchen because you can update them with different hardware to add detailing and persona to your kitchen. You can go for knobs and pulls, however, maintain a consistent finished look. If you select different finishing for the cabinets, it will look quite disruptive. Going for good quality hardware can easily make your kitchen appear quite luxurious without having to spend a lot of dollars. 

Say Yay to Foliage

Having some greens in your kitchen is always a cheerful addition to the decor. It not only adds to the decorative element but also makes the space appear more lively and fresh. You can add some herbs to the windowsill because they are very functional and look quite beautiful. Getting some small planters may help add the freshness that you are looking for and it will also save the space from unnecessary clutter. If you’re tight on cash, you’ll be happy to know that there are some great offers and coupons that you can use to help you afford quality options. Crate and Barrel is well known for its amazing home decor options, and you can utilize a Crate And Barrel coupon if you want to get decor specifically for your kitchen. Coupons go a long way in giving you the opportunity to shop for great deals and items that are bound to make your kitchen look wonderful again. Small pots in particular are a great choice because they can be placed around the windows or anywhere without occupying a lot of space. However, you can also go for a single planter that is large-sized and stays on the island or a kitchen counter. 

Pay Attention to the Light Fixtures

A space that is brightly lit always casts a happy and welcoming glow. Lightning is often labeled as one of the most important elements in interior design. When the lightning is working perfectly your kitchen will not only appear elegant but will also have a certain warmth to its appearance and feel. Go for an upgrade in the kitchen lightning fixtures and select unique and trendy designs or shapes. The design or shape will, certainly, depend on how you want your kitchen to appear and if you are looking for a traditional look you can choose similar designs. But if you are looking for a modern feel and appearance then you should definitely explore unique options. Selecting unexpected designs will add to the overall personality of your kitchen and render it a high-quality designer-inspired appearance. 

Accessorize the Space

To make your kitchen space a special corner that is enriched with personality, you have to put some thought into how you want it to stand out. You can add to the richness of the space by going for some unique elements, like putting decorative accessories or keeping personal mementos, or keeping wall ferns. The goal is to add some unexpected elements to your kitchen space that adds to the overall style. 

Painting the Walls Fresh

This does not cost too much and you also end up with an amazing upgrade in your kitchen. If your kitchen walls are quite dusty or the paint is peeling off or appears quite pale, it is about time that you pay attention to that right away. However, sometimes selecting a color for the kitchen walls may seem way too confusing because of all the possibilities that you can select from. Selecting the wrong color of paint may also cost you a lot of dollars. So, it is better to test a few color patches on the wall and then decide. Alternatively, you can seek an expert’s opinion in this matter or there are various online programs that offer an interior design online demo. You can use those online applications to see how a certain color may seem. 

Consider a Rug

You can also add an area rug to the kitchen space to make it appear warmer and give your feet the comfort that they deserve while cooking a delicious meal for the family. Adding a rug will also enhance the personality of your kitchen space and will make your space appear quite decorative as well. You may consider an outdoor rug for this purpose because kitchen space is in frequent use and such a rug will be quite easy to clean as well.

Add Some Stools to Your Kitchen

Now stools not only make space appear more inviting but they are also quite useful around the kitchen. However, before you purchase any stools at all, you have to consider the available kitchen space and you must not go for it if space is not enough. In case your kitchen can accommodate the furniture item, you can consider some interesting-looking barstools. Go for a unique and trendy design because it will appear fresher.  

It’s All About the Faucet

Isn’t it? Well, the faucet seems like an important place in the kitchen and it is quite often in use. It is about time that you get rid of the orthodox faucet that has been there for ages and start exploring some interesting options for your kitchen. Going for a unique kitchen faucet not only increases the functionality but is an amazing decorative element. So, select a trendy faucet that also optimizes the functionality. To narrow down the choices you may want to look for some options online before you head to the market. 

The above tips are only a few to get you started, however, you can brainstorm as many ideas as you want. But before you do anything at all, you have to be very clear about the type of design overhaul that you are looking for. So spend some time introspecting and reflecting on the ideas and think about the expectations that you have for this kitchen upgrade. It is always an exciting thing to upgrade the kitchen and well worth the wait and effort, so go for it.