Due to COVID-19, online learning has become the standard. While remote work has its benefits (breakfast in bed and pajama days), many students find that adjusting to a new environment and the interruptions that come with it is difficult. The good news is that there are a few easy things you can do to improve your study environment. Even if you are working at home, the place should be productive enough so that you don’t get bored. Here are some of the ways to make your study/workplace productive.

De clutter the area

Choose a place where you have to dedicate your time to working or studying in your house. A dirty desk and area will make it more difficult to locate items, stress you out, and provide an easy opportunity to postpone. When it comes to setting up a study room, the first goal should be to have everything as orderly as possible. The location you choose should be close to you (preferably in your house) so that it is convenient, but it should also be a place you like. Because studying may be stressful, it’s better to do it in a space that appeals to you in terms of colors, decor, and everything minimal.

A proper furniture

Choose the furniture that works best for you according to your needs. A good chair and a desk or a table with some drawers to put some stuff in them. You want to feel relaxed, but not so relaxed that you fall asleep. Select a workstation that sits between your waist and ribcage, as well as a basic chair that matches the height of the desk. You should feel relaxed while working and do not have to make yourself tired. Your feet must be touching the floor, and there should be no hunching of shoulders while working on the laptop.


A good lamp is all you need to have the perfect lighting on your table/desk. It’s crucial to have the appropriate illumination. Natural light is the ideal source of light whenever feasible, since it is physically, intellectually, and emotionally energizing. Humans are drawn to natural light. It can make or ruin a room, as anybody who has spent nine hours a day working under fluorescent lights knows. Even a small amount of natural light reflecting from a hallway mirror can add warmth and life to the space.


If you continually get up to look for stationery or food, your revision will be disrupted. Make sure that you have everything ready for you before starting your work or studying. You can get your entire writing staff ready and even buy all the necessary equipment beforehand. All the traditional office/school materials like pens, paper, notes, and files should be kept in a specific place on your desk or in a desk drawer. Keep the space organized.

Add some plants and a good scent.

Add some greenery to your work area. You can place some indoor plants in some cute pots. NASA has proved that certain houseplants enhance indoor air quality, and anything green and living just adds to the tranquility of a study place. A plant may make your surroundings calm and make it easier to breathe as long as you remember to water it. Also, add some scent to the place. Place a diffuser to enhance the environment of the place.