Are you fed up with the same wig style and want to add versatility by trying various parting techniques, then you are in the right place. We have discussed how you can use to keep your real hair wigs as natural-looking as you can. 

It is a bit exciting and exciting how you can keep your wig different without damaging the thread. So yes, it is possible to try helpful ways to keep your wig protected and stylish simultaneously.

There are various kinds of wigs ranging from HD lace wigs to curly ones; you can try the one according to your style statement. Moreover, the parting of this wig is easier as compared to other types. Therefore, you can change your style by parting the wigs and having the desired look for your kitty part and corporate meetings.

We will discuss how you can use to keep your real hair wigs ultra-modern and convenient to carry. Moreover, you can know various wigs types and face styles in this article that you can use for your face type. Before any delay, let’s check the hair parts. 

Kinds of Hair Parting

You can easily part your hair wigs and have a modish look by trying these parting types. There are different types of hair parting to add versatility. Here they are:

Center or middle part

Centre or middle parting is straightforward to do and suits to round face. It has an elongated effect that makes you look more beautiful and gives a sense of completion. 

This parting maintains the focus in the center by eliminating the sides. You can have also had the middle parting to give a classic and more balanced hairstyling.  Moreover, Julia headband wigs have more fiber threads that make styling even more fun-loving. 

Zigzag Part

The name shows its style; The Zigzag parting is an exciting and funny kind that puts creativity in hair styling. You can use it to hide your baby hair and makes your look more defined. Take the comb and use corners for precise parting.  It may add volume to your hair and fulfill your styling needs. 

Side Part

A side part is a multi-faced parting that you can use for all kinds of faces. This is the plus point of this wig parting type which makes it prominent from other types.

It has the option to part it on both the left or right sides. You can part without worrying about your looks because it suits every partition. This is easy to do parting option even you can turn your wig hair with your finger. 

Sounds amazing? Well, enjoy the versatility and comfort in your wig hair styling as it makes your cheekbone and chin more prominent.

Off-Center Part

It is another kind of wig parting in our list that is best for those women who did not like the center part. You can try this option when you have the desire to enjoy robust features. If you have a square face shape, it is the best part that you can mingle with your facial features enjoy flexible style management.

You can use a rattail comb to have off-center parting. Try to have 1 to 2 cm parting from the center and use the supportive product to turn the ends for a settled look.

Tips for a Stylish Real Hair Wigs Parting

After knowing the parting types, you might be worried about how you can make a stylish parting at home? What are things required? And how to have a well-defined parting with minimal effort? Let’s have the tips:

  • Take a paddle brush and comb properly 
  • Always use a wider teeth comb for a cleaner and beautiful parting
  • Sprinkle some water on your hair and detangle them
  • Keep it like this until they get dry
  • You can also use the blow-dry to keep the roots free from moisture
  • Do not use the hairdryer on high heat; keep it minimal
  • For a voluminous hair look, you can try blow-dry the hair and re-brush them
  • Sprinkle a hairspray to sustain the style shape

Wig Parting with Face Types

Not every parting type is made for you because every face cut requires a different parting style. To address your queries, we have brought you the face types for various parting modes.  The face types are:

Round Face

A round face is round in shape that fits center or side parting. Any parting style can be sued with a round face that elongates the face and delivers symmetry for a balanced appearance.

Heart Face

You can try the deep side part if you have a heart face. However, this may drag the focus away from the chin and cheekbones to look more symmetrical. 

Oval Face

This is a beautiful face type that has natural symmetry. It means you can use any kind of parting type according to your desire.

Diamond Face

This face type equips with a pronounced bone structure that requires side parting to hide the sharpness of bones. You can also use the zig-zag part to have a softer and beautiful styling.

Oblong Face

It is best to try the center or an off-center part when you have an oblong face cut. You can also try the bangs to decrease the facial length for a balanced look.

Square Face

When talking about the wig styling of a square face, you can try center or off-center parting. Both of these parting types enhance the facial features.  

Final Thought

Styling your real hair wigs is not a bad idea because you can try various parting styles by focusing on your face type. There are different kinds of parting styles along with face types. You can pick up the parting style according to your facial structure. 

So, first of all, explore your facial cut before you opt for any parting style. A relevant and suitable real hair wig parting completes your look and makes you even more pretty. Moreover, do not forget to follow the suggested tips while parting your hair wigs. Must share your feedback on how these tips helped you in styling. Enjoy desired wig styling with good parting.