Repairing your broken tiles can be an issue sometimes if you have not been following the right process. There are a number of ways for mending your broken tiles.

You must not start with breaking your walls. This can damage the already intact tiles as well. It requires a lot of steadiness. You first have you do a need analysis.

What would you be doing while analyzing your needs and situation. First of all decide weather you want to continue with the same tiles or not. Secondly, if you think that the existing tiles are not strong enough then you can turn on to destroying the entire style.

In this respect there are a number of tiles. For instant repair you can use stick mosaic wall tiles.

In case you have decided to go with the broken tiles then you can do some stuff of creating a mosaic, fillers with glitter adhesives and creating hairline cracks. You can opt for these creative ideas if you do not want to use the same old tiles.

In this article we will see what are the steps which can be followed for repairingĀ  the broken tiles. You can also ask some of your expert tile polishers or maker for some more ideas. I have summed up all the valid ideas and have designed them in a sequence.


  • Get some similar tiles

You must look for some similar looking tiles. One thing that you must keep in mind while getting these tiles is the texture of tiles. If you have Porcelain tiles then you must not switch to cement or some other types of tiles.

This can create a very odd look. Other factors such as the shades and designs on the tiles can be changed. If you want to add a unique shaded tile then go for that but your taste must be acceptable. There is no hard and fast rule for this aspect but you must check that the aesthetic sense is not disturbed.

  • Finding the grout

Now again you will haveĀ  to select a matching grout. You can contact some local sellers or you can buy it online.

I prefer to buy it through the conventional method. Online market is a good and reliable option but online you would not be able to select the right shade. This can be a fiasco. You will have to be a very choosy person.

  • Scraping the old tiles

For this step you will need a chisel, drill and a soft hammer. You must not break the adjoining tiles. This can be a disaster. This is why be very carefully. If you have not got a hard hammer.

The soft hammer and chisel are the best combination. Carefully take off the broken tile.

Lastly, you will have to smoothen the mortar. You can use some adhesives and cement. Next, clean the extra debris.

  • Use a leveler

Now after you have cleaned it. It is time to level the mortar. While doing this make sure that you have not put some excessive mortar.

  • Place the tile

Now fix the new tile. Make sure that the excessive mortar is not coming out from their sides. You can not just let your tile sit over that place. Some soft presses are necessary. You can clean it with foam. If in case you have got some other shade you can use some permanent color for making them the same shade. Using a leveler and hard tool such as wood blocks can help you in this respect.


Fixing a new tile is not a difficult task. The only thing you must do is finding the right tile and equipment. You can go for a number of other options which suits us. The only purpose is getting the things perfectly aligned.