The roofing contractors work on the houses and buildings to maintain and repair roofs. They use variety of tools and methods like asphalt, galvanised steel depending on the type of roof. Always collect the bids and proposals from different roofing contractors in written statement and finalise the contractor. This will help in choosing the perfect contractor

Here is a complete guide to select the best roofing contractor


roof under construction with stacks of roof tiles for home build
Before hiring the contractor, make sure if the contractor has worker compensation and liability insurance. After enquiring one can also call the insurance company to cross check the details. This is highly important because the workers have to work on raised platforms.

Cost Of The Roof Replacement

The cost of the roof replacement is between $5000 and $15000. It depends on various factors. Always consult with experts like j conn roofing before taking any decision.

Select A Local Contractor

Select A Local Contractor
A local contractor should operate locally but should have established a reputed business in the community. This is mainly to deal with the warranty problems. A roof contractor company usually gives warranty period of 5 years. This is useful only if the contractor is within the reachable local limits. Else the extra transport charges add as burden.


Never come to a conclusion that the contractor charging more as compared to his competitors gives better services. Similarly the company that offers inexpensive bids cannot be trusted if they are insured. Because, a company that runs a proper business adds the insurance costs and certain other sufficient costs to the customer and therefore is definitely not cheap

Therefore one should assess the services provided and learn all the details about the work of the company. Justify the price of the work.

Avoid Wanderers

There are certain company who chase storms. They give pamphlets in a storm stuck area and say we are here in the neighbourhood to fix the storm damaged roofs. There is no guarantee of such roof fixers. They are only in the regions of storm. One cannot assure if they are insured. The warranty offered can also be not trusted. This is because such people cannot be expected to travel across cities to attend minor fault.

Job Details

Job Details
Before fixing the contractor, ask the contractor to provide the lists of work he intends to do. Also insist on providing prices for the individual works labour charges, painting, and designing if any, etc. Discuss the terms of payment. Never pay before the work is completed. However if the contractor persists on buying raw materials, pay partially. Settle the complete payment only after the work is finished.


Ask if the contractor head to whom deal is finalised will be available to attend calls all the time. More often, the head of the business focuses only on finalising the contract with the customers. Rest of the job is taken forward by the managers and other workers. If that is the case, learn about the manger. Ask the business head about his means of communication with his customers.