Wanna bring a modern look to your home! Then wall paneling is the best choice for you. Nowadays, wall paneling is getting more popular. As it brings architectural shape and art to the room in addition with wall safety. Various types of wall paneling is available into the market from grand design to the simplest design.

And the wall panelling procedure also has many more of types like wooden, moulding, hardboard etc. It’s a clever choice to modify your home and it would help to add character. And the most interesting thing is that wall paneling supports all of the interior designs. Let’s have a discussion on why selecting wood wall paneling and the features of it.

What is wood wall paneling?

Wall paneling means adding wood textures on the walls body without making any major damage. Wood paneling increases the rooms beauty as it’s a kind of long term decoration and they aren’t usually affected by weather. Most importantly it protects the wall and brings perfection.

Before selecting wood wall paneling you must gather some basic knowledge to elect that what kind of wood wall paneling would suit your living place and make the proper beautification.

Types of wood wall paneling

Wood wall paneling if popular from the last decade. But at that time there weren’t many more designs. They were limited at simple 2 or 3 designs. But modern technology has opened the door of design customization. So day by day the resource of wood wall paneling is getting richer. There are so many types of wood wall paneling available into the market. I am going mention some of them below:


Wainscoating is a kind of wall paneling which covers usually the bottom side of thewall. The height varies from 24 inches to 72 inches according to the design. And the panel edge would be moulded to give better finishing. This type of design suits most with the living room. And various kinds of textures can be applied.

Batten wood paneling

When the wainscoting goes upto the ceiling then it is called batten wood paneling or board wall paneling. MDF is commonly used material in this paneling. And new wood textures are applied.The height and width can be randomly customized.

Reclaimed wall paneling

It’s a cost friendly paneling procedure. As  it uses old recycled woods. But the quality of texture is not compromised.It can be used widely in various sectors like living room, industries and offices. It is a good replacement  of wall coloring.And there is a scope of customizing into the architectural geometrical shape. But it is not the most suitable option for reclaimed wall panelling. This kind of wall paneling is mostly suitable for vertical use.

Horizontal wall paneling

Slim horizontal panels may bring a simplistic design to your home.There is no need of adding color or extra texture because it’s arrangement is a great design ownself. Horizontal wall paneling is mostly used in drawing room and dining rooms. This kind of wall paneling will give you the appropriate taste of home art.  

Thing to keep in mind

Wall paneling is a complete solution of the wall. It requires some basic knowledge and some other technical materials like-

  • MDF
  • Pens
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Tape measure and 
  • sander.

Wood is the traditional material of paneling.Mostly used paneling wood colour is white. But you can keep the natural colour to look more authentic.As the main thing is sticking it to the wall.

In case of that an unskillful hand might damage your wall with decreasing the beauty of your home. So don’t make any experiment on your wall. As the damage might be irreversible.

You might take any professional helpful hand like https://gmcarpenter.ie/ to bring the proper perfection.

Final words

Wood wall paneling is widely used to beautify the home. You may find many more designs are available into the market. No need to hurry, make the proper choice of your design. And the set up quality varies wood the company. But most of them do not compromise with the wood quality. So you can elect wood paneling for your home without any doubt. Have the taste of real art and modern home. Wishing you a good luck.